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  • Andrew McCarthy writes that Donald Trump can resolve the tension between the Department of Justice/FBI and Congress:

    Rosenstein and Wray work for Trump. And they are not Obama holdovers; they are Trump appointees. If they are defying Congress, it is because the president is permitting them to do so. Twitter tantrums and dark deep-state conspiracy theories don’t count; the president is empowered give his subordinates a direct order to comply with Congress’s demands, and to fire them immediately if they fail to do so. The president has the unilateral authority to disclose executive-branch files to lawmakers, including classified documents. Trump could have done this any time in the last 18 months.

    The FBI did turn over thousands of documents this week, including documents describing how it used informants to spy on Trump’s campaign. The FBI has not, however, turned over documents describing how they used the Steele dossier to obtain FISA court warrants for surveillance.

  • The Trump administration cancelled two more military exercises with South Korea to appease North Korea:

    The military previously announced it was halting all plans for a massive command post exercise known as Ulchi Freedom Guardian, which had been due to begin in August.

    The Pentagon said Friday that the suspension would include two joint Marine training exercises that had been “scheduled to occur in the next three months.”

  • The latest Department of Justice inspector general report says the FBI discovered 700,000 of Hillary Clinton’s emails on Anthony Weiner’s laptop, copied there by Huma Abedin. Having obtained the emails, the FBI did next to nothing with them:

    Remember: Hillary Clinton’s attorneys produced approximately 30,000 of her emails, and they appear to have claimed that was the entirety of her work-related emails. Mrs. Clinton, staff and technical support had deliberately deleted approximately 33,000 emails that were just about “yoga” and “wedding plans.” They produced nothing from the beginning of her tenure as Secretary of State. Then, her server was wiped with “BleachBit.”

    Yet, lo and behold, here so many emails were. Hundreds of thousands of emails, the “entire file” — everything Clinton — including data from the BlackBerrys and other devices for which the FBI and DOJ decided not to run search warrants because they “assumed” they had been destroyed.

    So what did the FBI do with this “explosive” “bomb” including the “golden emails” on the BlackBerry that everyone knew was missing from the production?

    Nothing — at least nothing to obtain evidence.


    United States Attorney Bharara was so sufficiently aware of the deafening silence from Washington that he instructed his chief counsel to document everything his office had done — “with a hundred percent accuracy.” “Things seemed unusual” to him, and he wanted a record of their actions, including their recovery of more than 700,000 emails.

  • The Department of Defense has recorded 20 incidents since last September where lasers were used against American pilots over the Pacific. China is believed to be responsible.

  • The president of Zimbabwe and the prime minister of Ethiopia both survived assassination attempts today.

  • Nearly 300 Turkish diplomats have requested asylum in Germany since the July 2016 coup attempt.

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