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  • An American soldier was killed in eastern Afghanistan and a second was wounded.

  • Dr. Tom Coburn writes that a balanced budget amendment isn’t enough to curb the federal government’s overspending problem:

    But here’s the rub. Even if Congress did have the political fortitude to tighten its own belt, a balanced-budget amendment could not rescue the nation from the looming fiscal crisis. In fact, passing a balanced-budget amendment without other needed reforms would be like straining out a gnat only to swallow a camel; it would make the situation worse, rather than better.

    Two little words tell us why: unfunded mandates. We all know that one of the feds’ favorite pastimes is foisting expensive rules, regulations and policies upon the states. Does anyone doubt that this practice would increase dramatically under a balanced-budget amendment? Congress can simply make its own budget look better by casting more of a burden on the budgets of our state and local governments.

    Its other alternative, of course, is to raise our taxes. Having spent a long time in Congress, I can tell you that if you think cutting spending is the natural response to a balanced-budget requirement, you aren’t thinking like the average member of Congress.

    A real solution to the federal fiscal insanity must go deeper than the parchment salve of a balanced budget. A real solution must restore meaningful limitations on the size, scope, and jurisdiction of the federal government, curtailing its ability to dabble in matters the Constitution does not delegate to it, but reserves to the states and the people. In short, we need to make the federal government look a lot more like the one laid out in the Constitution.

    There is a path that will get us there. The only solution big enough to confront our federal problems is the tool for constitutional amendment provided to our state legislatures in Article V.

  • Israel appears to have discovered where Iran was storing missiles in Syria, and it proceeded to blow them up. One explosion registered as a magnitude 2.6 earthquake.

  • Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Israel grabbed a trove of documents on Iran’s nuclear weapons program. Iran has always claimed that it never had a nuclear weapons development program, but Netanyahu says the documents prove otherwise.

  • Jayme Metzgar writes that “Alfie Evans is What Happens When Kids Belong to Society, Not Parents”:

    If you think you care more about Evans’ suffering than his own mother who grew him inside her body, more than his own father who sits by his bedside every hour, I have two words for you: you don’t. If you think you know more about his quality of life or his feelings than the two people who have nurtured him every day of his life: you don’t.

    If you think he, and other children like him, would be better off without parents loving them as the individuals they are, and fighting for them every day: you could not be more wrong.

  • John Daniel Davidson writes that “Alfie Evans’ Death Illustrates the Monstrous Logic of the Welfare State”:

    But the brazen illogic of the state insisting that it is in your own best interests if you cease to exist serves the overarching logic of the welfare state, which is power. When the national health service decides, for instance, that your sick child must be allowed to die because it is in the child’s best interests, what it really means—but is not quite willing to say outright—is that is in the best interests of the state that your child be allowed to die.

  • Britain’s House of Lords voted to give parliament the final say over the Brexit agreement in a defeat for Prime Minister Theresa May.

  • ISIS claimed responsibility for two suicide bombings in Kabul. The second bomber targeted journalists who were on the scene covering the first bombing; at least nine journalists were killed and six wounded.

  • Controlling words is key to controlling culture:

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