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  • President Obama awarded the Medal of Honor to U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Ryan Pitts. The Army’s account of the Afghan battle that Pitts fought while badly wounded is worth reading.

  • Texas Governor Rick Perry is calling up 1,000 National Guard troops and deploying them to the border with Mexico. Unfortunately they will be targeted primarily to only one of the border’s four sectors, and they’re not planning to detain anyone — the hope is that their presence will deter border crossings, but if they do catch anyone they’ll turn them over to the already hard-pressed Border Patrol. It will be interesting to see if during the next legislative session any politicians will propose growing the Department of Public Safety, hiring private contractors, or growing, equipping, and training the State Guard (the state militia, as opposed to the National Guard) as a more permanent means of solving the border security problem that the Obama administration won’t address. If the legislature implements any of these solutions the state will be sued by the Obama administration, but at this point in the Obama presidency you can run out the clock in the courts.

  • There about about as many Hondurans in the U.S. as there are Hondurans in Tegucigalpa: around 1 million. Unfortunately 600,000 of them are here illegally.

  • Why do New York City liberals hate Asian people? The percentage of Asian students attending New York City’s competitive admission high schools — such as Stuyvesant, Bronx High School of Science, and Brooklyn Technical High School — has been steadily increasing. As you’d imagine, the percentage of white, black, and Latino students has correspondingly decreased. The sole factor used to determine admission is a student’s score on an exam, the Specialized High School Admissions Test (SHSAT). The NAACP Legal Defense Fund filed a federal lawsuit claiming that SHSAT causes disparate impact on black and Latino (but apparently not white) students, so other factors ought to be considered in admissions, including “commitment to community service,” “backgrounds and experiences,” and “demographic profile.” The Obama administration is fond of disparate impact theory and New York City’s liberal politicians like the NAACP Legal Defense Fund’s approach, so you can guess what’s likely to happen.

  • The “pro-Russian separatists” in eastern Ukraine agreed to turn over the black boxes from flight MH17 to Malaysian authorities. The bodies of the victims will be flown to Amsterdam.

  • Good: New Republic writer Julia Ioffe details how the Russian people are fed misinformation by the Russian media about the shoot down of flight MH17. She writes, “The Russian media space has become so uniform and independent voices so cowed and marginalized that there is no counterweight and, when there’s no counterweight, if you repeat a thing often enough, it becomes the truth… this is a very problematic development.” Bad: New Republic writer fails to draw the obvious parallel to the U.S. mainstream media’s treatment of the Obama administration.

  • Kuwait stripped five opposition figures of their citizenship, including the owner of an independent TV station and newspaper.

  • Islamic State is giving Christians in Mosul the option to convert to Islam, flee the city, pay a jizya, or be raped and murdered. They also seized a Christian monastery in the town of Qaraqosh, which dates to the fourth century. You don’t hear or read about Western governments, politicians, or pundits complaining about this.

  • The Iraqi military claims it recaptured Camp Speicher.

  • Remy released a video on the serendipitous computer crashes that destroyed evidence of the IRS’ targeting of conservative groups. On the same day Remy released the video, the IRS disclosed that more officials tied to Lois Lerner lost data in computer crashes, bring the total number of crash victims to “less than 20.”