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  • Delta Airlines canceled a discount travel program for NRA members — one that only 13 NRA members had used. In response, Georgia state lawmakers canceled a $40 million tax break for Delta.

  • Larry Kudlow, Arthur Laffer, and Stephen Moore argue that tariffs are taxes:

    Tariffs are really tax hikes. Since so many of the things American consumers buy today are made of steel or aluminum, a 25 percent tariff on these commodities may get passed on to consumers at the cash register. This is a regressive tax on low-income families.

    Meanwhile, up to 5 million jobs will be put in harm’s way. And if U.S. steel-and-aluminum-using industries sell less to foreigners, the trade deficit goes up, not down.

    Trump should also examine the historical record on tariffs. If he does he’ll see they have almost never worked as intended and have almost always delivered an unhappy ending.

  • A report from the University of Michigan offers an alternative explanation for the sonic attacks suffered by American diplomats in Havana: the Cubans did bad job bugging their quarters with ultrasonic devices, which interfered with one another and caused the diplomats’ symptoms.

  • The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights claims Turkey bombed pro-Syrian government forces near Afrin, killing at least 36 fighters.

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