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  • Donald Trump wants you to know that he’s “a very stable genius.” (He’s also great at self-awareness.) Allahpundit writes:

    One thing you want to do when you’re accused in a bestselling book of being mentally unbalanced is to immediately hop onto Twitter and start sounding like Fredo Corleone with a head injury. Except, as David Frum points out, the Corleones at least had the good sense to keep Fredo away from power.


    So long as he’s a figurehead president, Americans will marvel at his loose-cannon rhetoric but otherwise shrug it off. It’s the greatest show on earth. The stock market is stratospheric, the economy looks strong, ISIS is all but dead, Gorsuch is on the Supreme Court, and most taxpayers just got a tax cut. If that keeps up, he can keep twitter-farting to his heart’s content. If it doesn’t keep up, if Honolulu ends up getting nuked because POTUS thought it’d be funny to accuse Kim Jong Un of having a micropenis, perceptions will change. Although ask yourself this: Given all of the successes I just rattled off, particularly the state of the economy, how much more popular would Trump be if he simply affected a more presidential demeanor? Subtract the rambling Twitter tributes to his own genius, the dong-waving about the size of his nuclear “button,” etc, and imagine him keeping a low public profile. What would his approval rating be? 50 percent? 55?

  • The U.S. Navy located the C-2A “Greyhound” plane that crashed in the Philippine Sea on its way to the USS Ronald Reagan back in November. The plane is under about 18,500 feet of water, and the Navy plans to salvage it so they can retrieve the bodies of three sailors who died aboard it.

  • When members of the Senate Intelligence Committee sent a letter to the Department of Justice requesting an investigation of Christopher Steele’s potentially false statements to federal authorities, they were referring to potential lies to FBI agents:

    The answer is that Steele talked – and talked a lot – to the FBI. Remember that when he began to compile the dossier in the summer of 2016, Steele reportedly concluded the sensational information he had picked up – allegations of election collusion and Trump sexual escapades in Russia – was so important that he had to take it to the FBI. Steele told the left-leaning magazine Mother Jones that he first took the material to the FBI “near the start of July.”

    That began a series of communications between Steele and the bureau in which Steele made certain representations to the FBI about his work. It is a crime to make false statements to the FBI – doesn’t have to be under oath, doesn’t have to be in a formal interview or interrogation setting, it’s simply a criminal act to knowingly make a false statement to the FBI.

  • The wife of the Pulse nightclub shooter told the FBI that she watched him prepare for the attack over the course of months, and she knew the nightclub was his target. Noor Salman’s lawyers are arguing that the statement was improperly obtained.