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  • Paul Kengor’s fifth Trump v. Reagan article examines their faith:

    One of Reagan’s most-cherished images was George Washington kneeling in the snow in prayer at Valley Forge, which Reagan called the “most sublime image in American history.” Washington in prayer, said Reagan, “personified a people who knew it was not enough to depend on their own courage and goodness; they must also seek help from God, their Father and their Preserver.”

    That is the image and the mindset that a president needs when it comes to faith. We need men in the Oval Office who are humble, who seek forgiveness, who know they need and thus want forgiveness, and speak of the greatness of their nation and their God—not of themselves.

  • Donald Trump is backing away from his policies on mass deportation and banning Muslim immigration, but it’s not clear what his new policies are.

  • Donald Trump claims Texas would not secede from the U.S. if he was president because Texas “loves” him. Ummm…no.

  • The Traditionalist Worker Party held a rally at California’s capitol building and found itself outnumbered by counter-protesters, who attacked. Five people were stabbed in the resulting melee. The counter-protestors were dressed in black and went out of their way to avoid being recorded by the media.

  • Kurt Volker describes the real problem with Brexit:

    What is more significant—and more worrying about the Brexit vote—is that it demonstrates just how deep the gulf has become that separates governing elites and the people they are meant to govern.

    Whether in Europe or the United States, our ruling elites have pushed policies—political, economic and social—that go beyond what sits well with the basic sense of identity, security, common sense, and morality of many citizens.

    Failure to control immigration? Amnesty? Social benefits for non-citizens when citizens are suffering? Nation-building wars abroad instead of nation-building at home? Massive debt? Failures to confront terrorism effectively? Businesses moving jobs overseas? Recession in the countryside while the capital prospers? Rapid changes in gender politics? Bizarre contortions of politically correct speech, which shout down what many see as common sense? It has left many in the electorate angry and disenfranchised. And when those in the public who feel this way have objected or resisted, elites have doubled-down, rather than listen and adjust.

    The rulers of the European Union, the United Kingdom, the United States—take your pick—are so convinced that they know better than the masses, and that they are building a better world, that even in defeat, they are bemoaning how wrongly the masses have voted. And that is the looming danger for the future that the Brexit vote foreshadows: that elites will still not address the concerns of a large proportion of their own citizens.

  • The Iraqi military says it has driven ISIS from all of Fallujah.

  • Nigeria’s military claims it freed 5,000 people held by Boko Haram during operations in the northeastern part of the country.

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