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  • Denise McAllister writes that the crisis facing America is a question of good versus evil:

    The battle between good and evil is real. We have a political party that chooses to kill millions of babies in the womb and calls it good; violates our Constitution through executive action; makes unholy deals with our enemies and puts our allies at risk; takes money from corporate cronies to increase its power; lies about the deaths of Americans on foreign soil; spends our children’s future with impunity; opens our borders to our enemies; inserts the federal government into our schools, our healthcare, our property, and our homes; mocks our values and traditions; treats everyday Americans (the Tea Party) as if they’re terrorists while treating terrorists (the Muslim Brotherhood) as if they’re everyday Americans; sacrifices religious liberty on the altar of marriage equality; perpetuates the lie that climate change is the greatest threat to our society, robbing our nation of its sovereignty; and cares more about feeding the monster administrative state than nourishing individual liberty.

    These—and much more—are the evils that must be defeated. No compromise. No bargains. No deals. The candidate for president who understands this will be the hero we need to pull our country back from the precipice that leads to hell. This is a moral crisis, and one that can’t be ignored by those running for office, the voters, and the pundit class that is so desperately trying to figure out what’s going on. If it is ignored or mischaracterized, we are doomed.

  • Ben Domenech connects yesterday’s news about the rising mortality rate for white, middle aged people with high school educations to the popularity of Donald Trump:

    A number of pieces have, over the course of this election cycle, delved into the question of America’s “lost” greatness, and what would lead voters to find Donald Trump’s message so appealing. It is not that hard to understand in this context. You are one of the millions of middle-aged unemployed white American with a high school degree. Having moved from unemployment benefits to disability, you receive sufficient benefits to subsist – around 1,200 dollars a month on average – and to pay for the alcohol and drugs that help you self-medicate, in addition to what your doctor has prescribed. Your life is essentially one marked by hopelessness. You are statistically unlikely to ever re-enter the workforce.

    For all too many Americans in this segment of the population, the things that make life not only endurable but happy are faith, now lost to us; family, which is fractured; community, which is disintegrated; and work, which most find hard to come by. The TV screen flickers with images of people living lives you could never hope to emulate. Your situation is bleak, and while our soma is better, it is still not a replacement for the pursuit of happiness.

    And then a man who represents a version of what you might hope your life could be like comes on TV – a man who comes from the world of the elites but is strong enough to reject them and their lies – and he tells you with confidence he will make things great again.

    And you listen.

  • Texas Governor Greg Abbott is denying state grants to county sheriffs who have sanctuary city policies. The Texas legislature has taken up bills that would ban sanctuary cities altogether, but Texas House Speaker Joe Straus and his cronies keep killing them.

  • San Francisco Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi lost his bid for re-election by a wide margin. Mirkarimi defended San Francisco’s sanctuary city policy after an illegal immigrant, Francisco Sanchez, murdered Kate Steinle. Mirkarimi released Sanchez from his jail even though Immigration and Customs Enforcement requested that Sanchez be detained for questioning and possible deportation; a few months later Sanchez shot and killed Steinle. There were other scandals in Mirkarimi’s department – he failed a marksmanship test, a drug gang leader escaped from his jail – that didn’t help his cause.

  • Ted Cruz made another attempt at obtaining unanimous consent in the Senate for “Kate’s Law,” which would impose mandatory minimum sentences on people who break the law by attempting to enter the U.S. illegally a second (or third, or fourth…) time after being deported. Harry Reid and Dianne Feinstein objected, so Cruz’s bill went nowhere.

  • Voters in Houston rejected a municipal anti-discrimination ordinance by 62% to 38%. Kevin Williamson wrote an excellent article arguing that this is a dumb thing to be fighting over while Houston faces problems with crumbling infrastructure, budget deficits, and underfunded pensions.

  • Multiple intelligence agencies suspect the Russian airliner that crashed in the Sinai Peninsula, Metrojet Flight 9268, was brought down by a bomb, and they’re pointing the finger at ISIS. The death toll was 224 people. The plane was flying from the Red Sea resort city of Sharm el-Sheikh to St. Petersburg.

  • Egypt is destroying the smuggling tunnels connecting the Gaza Strip to Egypt by flooding them with sea water, which creates other problems.

  • French police searched National Front party founder Jean-Marie Le Pen’s house, looking for evidence of an offshore bank account used to avoid French taxes.

  • Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s spokesperson is already talking up the possibility of holding a referendum on changing Turkey’s constitution to increase the president’s power.

  • It turns out China is burning 17% more coal than they’ve previously let on, which sent the global warming advocates into a tizzy: “The increase alone is greater than the whole German economy emits annually from fossil fuels.”

Links for 10-8-2015

  • As part of his nuclear deal with Iran, President Obama plans to drop sanctions against the country and permit American companies to do business there. After analyzing all of the statutes governing sanctions against Iran, administration officials believe this is impossible without violating the law. Since the nuclear deal isn’t a treaty it doesn’t override existing law, and Iran plainly hasn’t met the conditions spelled out in existing law that would permit sanctions to be dropped. Of course President Obama routinely ignores laws, so as a practical matter this really isn’t an obstacle.

  • Heather Wilhelm wrote a very funny column that starts with an account of Hillary Clinton version 5.0, as presented by NBC:

    On Monday, NBC’s “Today” show hosted everyone’s favorite person who might actually be an android, Hillary Clinton, for a folksy “Pancakes and Politics” town-hall gathering. The setting was autumnal Hollis, N.H., in a cozy red barn; Hillary wore a cozy blazer the color of a minor explosion. The event opened with the jovial flipping of pancakes, because we all know that the former secretary of state—a woman whose inside desperately screams “Don’t blackball me, I NEED THIS!” but whose outside cleverly imitates an animatronic wax statue from Madame Tussauds—likes nothing better than to stay home and cook.

  • Ben Domenech thinks Hillary Clinton’s flip-flop on the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal is another sign that she thinks we’re stupid:

    Do Republican operatives think it is news to the American people after the decades of knowledge we have about Clinton that she is shifty? No one cares. That she will obfuscate to the point of congressional inquiry? No one is surprised. That she will flip-flop according to poll numbers? No one thinks otherwise! What matters is whether people think she’ll fight for them, and in this economically backward way, that’s what she’s promising.

  • After Hillary Clinton left the State Department, her employees configured a threat monitoring service to watch her private email server – only to witness attacks against it originating in China, South Korea, and Germany. At this point there’s no telling who may have attacked it while she was in office.

  • Congressman Trey Gowdy wrote a lovely poison pen letter to Elijah Cummings (PDF), the ranking member of Gowdy’s Select Committee on Benghazi:

    Your public posture, however, has been quite the opposite. For months you have done nothing but write letters dripping with vitriol and baseless allegations, driven, one would reluctantly conclude, by the desire to create a false partisan narrative. Your Democrat colleagues and you have contributed nothing substantively to the Committee’s investigation over the past seventeen months – you have not requested a single new witness interview nor have you made one single document request to any Executive Branch agency. In fact, your Committee Members have appeared infrequently at witness interviews; sometimes staying only long enough to apologize to the witness, ask questions about Secretary Clinton, and then address the media. I cannot nor would I make any Member participate in an interview. I would simply ask that if you are not going to participate at least do not distort the motives and actions of those who do.

    Further, it is you, not Republicans, who has selectively leaked information to promote your own false narrative – that this Committee is political – or protect Democrat political figures, when it is a fact Democrats and you are the ones who have treated the Committee as political from the outset. This is glaringly obvious – no testimony has been disclosed from people interviewed who were on the ground or from national security professionals. Instead, the only leaks have been regarding Democrat political figures, and the initial stories have all selectively disclosed testimony to fit with Democrat political narratives. Your letter from Monday is completely disingenuous in attempting to criticize Republicans for leaks and mischaracterizing testimony while at the same time leaking part of the transcript because the politics of doing so are apparently too good for you to pass up.

  • The U.S. and Israel routinely cripple their soldiers with absurd rules of engagement, and yet they’re still accused of war crimes. Elan Journo thinks it’s past time for both countries to put their own interests first.

  • The Taliban overran two more districts in northern Afghanistan.

  • Russia fired cruise missiles from ships in the Caspian Sea, targeting Syria. Those missiles had to cross Iran and Iraq, and at least four missiles crashed in Iran. It’s not known if there were any casualties on the ground.

  • Robert Hardy delivered a speech about Winston Churchill at Hillsdale College. As an aside, Hardy noted that he studied under C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien while he attended Oxford.