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  • Axios published a concise list of law enforcement’s failures in the Parkland, Florida shooting.

  • Andrew McCarthy details the web that connects Paul Manafort and Richard Gates to friends of Vladimir Putin, and argues that Robert Mueller is preparing a CYA operation to defend the Department of Justice:

    Second, and more likely, Mueller will want to defend the investigative decisions made by the FBI and the Justice Department — institutions he served at the highest levels for many years.

    Mueller cannot refute every claimed irregularity. There is no defending, for example, the intelligence leaks to the media; the blatantly disparate treatment between the kid-gloves Clinton-emails investigation and the zealous effort to derail Trump; or the presentation to the FISA court of the traitorous dossier allegations, against Trump and his campaign, that had not been corroborated by the FBI. Yet Mueller could be endeavoring to make a record that the FBI and Justice Department acted reasonably, albeit over-anxiously, when they credited the reporting of Steele — a source they understandably trusted from prior experience, who was reporting suspicions that were plausible in light of the Manafort and Gates history. Mueller could be contemplating a report that portrays as justifiable the Obama administration’s use of the law-enforcement and intelligence apparatus of government to investigate the presidential campaign of the opposition party.

    In short, the special counsel may be preparing to argue that the Obama officials were acting on rational suspicions, not partisan politics. He may be laying the groundwork to argue that, while political, law-enforcement, and intelligence officials made mistakes, the main culprit was Trump’s judgment in recruiting Manafort and Gates — particularly under circumstances in which the candidate was already publicly flattering Putin in an unseemly way.

  • An al Qaeda affiliate in West Africa, Group for Support of Islam and Muslims, claimed responsibility for the IED that killed two French soldiers in Mali.

  • ISIS used two suicide car bombs to attack a counter-terrorism base in Aden, Yemen, killing 14 people and wounding 40.

  • The Taliban overran an Afghan military base in Farah province, killing at least 20 soldiers.

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  • The federal government is on course to run a nearly $1 trillion deficit this fiscal year.

  • An Amtrak train on the wrong track collided with a parked freight train in South Carolina, killing two Amtrak crew members and injuring 116 people. There have been three fatal Amtrak accidents in the past three months.

  • The second Zumwalt-class destroyer, the USS Michael Monsoor, passed its sea trials.

  • Andrew Klavan writes that the FBI/FISA court scandal points to a bigger scandal — the mainstream media’s efforts to squash public interest in something they should be actively investigating:

    In short, a press that should on principle raven for every piece of information that might be damning to the powerful of every stripe—a press that has shown itself willing to publish anonymous anti-Trump leaks that sometimes turned out to be false—has made it clear that they do not want you to know what they do not want to know themselves.

    The truth is both the memo itself and the press’s unforgivable lack of curiosity and outrage about the memo are part of a much bigger scandal that has gone further to damage our republic than anything Trump has done or said. The memo represents just one more jigsaw piece in a picture of the Obama administration as a Chicago-style Democratic machine rife with cronyism and abuse of power, a machine to which the media closed its eyes.

    We know this. It’s not conjecture. We know that Obama’s IRS made successful efforts to silence conservative voices during the president’s reelection campaign. After a settlement agreement in Z Street’s lawsuit against them, we know that the IRS also targeted Jewish groups that supported Israel. We know that Obama appointed one attorney general who styled himself the president’s “wing-man … there with my boy” (imagine Jeff Sessions saying that), and another who held a secret meeting with Bill Clinton while Hillary Clinton was under investigation. And now we begin to learn that the Obama Justice Department may have colluded with a Democrat’s campaign to spy on a Republican’s. Obama misled us about much of this and more: about the IRS; about when he himself gained knowledge of Hillary’s secret email server, a server he used under a pseudonym; about his secret dealings with Iran; and about the effects of his signature health-care bill.

    All this—really a steady stream of deceptions and abuses of power—while journalists kowtowed to, flattered, and ultimately raved about the administration being “scandal-free.” The press sacrificed its credibility with eight years of willful blindness. Those who asked with the ancient Roman poet Juvenal, “Who will guard the guardians?” were answered by the self-styled heroes of journalistic truth-telling: “Not us.”

    That’s the real scandal here, and it’s beginning to come out.

  • Afghanistan’s already-delayed parliamentary and local council elections have been postponed again — now they’re scheduled for October. There was a presidential election in 2014 that featured massive voter fraud, and Afghanistan is struggling to clean up its electoral act and make certain voters will be safe.

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