Links for 7-20-2012

  • On ABC’s Good Morning America George Stephanolpoulos and Brian Ross suggested the accused shooter in the Aurora theater case, James Holmes, is a Tea Party member, apparently based on an internet search. They identified the wrong James Holmes, and eventually ABC News apologized. It’s interesting that Tea Party member James Holmes chose to grant an exclusive interview to rather than the mainstream media.

  • The Department of Homeland Security’s “Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements” (SAVE) database can supply someone’s immigration status in three to five seconds 90% of the time.

  • The Syrian opposition formed military units responsible for securing the country’s chemical weapons stockpile.

Links for 7-19-2012

  • The best line of the day comes from The Transom, regarding Romney’s new found campaign vigor: “But it’s possible we are about to see Romney morph into the rhetorical equivalent of Ned Flanders meets Howard Roark.” It’s not often that you read The Simpsons and Atlas Shrugged appropriately remixed.

  • There was an “interesting” exchange between Representative Louie Gohmert and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano during a House Judiciary Committee meeting today. The topic was Homeland Security Advisory Council member Mohamed Elibiary’s downloading of documents from the Texas Department of Public Safety and shopping them to left wing media outlets in an effort to demonstrate that Texas is islamophobic. Napolitano denies that any such event occurred. Napolitano also tangled with Representative Steve King over Obama’s executive order that grants work visas to illegal immigrants who arrived in the U.S. as children.

  • Mexico’s government denies education and health care benefits to children who were born in the U.S. to illegal immigrants who subsequently returned to Mexico if the families lack the correct U.S. paperwork (which they often do).

  • A report by the Government Accountability Institute claims Obama has spent more time on the golf course during his presidency than in economic meetings. Given that most of Obama’s economic policies are failures this may not be a bad thing – the economy could be in even worse shape if Obama really did have a “laser-like” focus on jobs and the economy.

  • Obama’s re-election campaign, the Democratic National Committee, and the Ohio Democratic Party sued the state of Ohio in federal court over a law that requires early, in person voting to end on the Friday before an election but allows military and overseas voters to cast in person ballots until the Monday before an election. I’m sensing that the Obama campaign believes giving members of the military more time to vote puts them at a disadvantage. I wonder why?

  • The Obama re-election campaign is scouring Hispanic neighborhoods with high foreclosure rates to track down voters to a) insure they’re registered to vote at their new address, and b) persuade them to vote for the candidate whose policies contributed to the loss of their homes. The fact that the Obama campaign finds it necessary to do this is an indictment of their failures.

  • Obama’s big money fundraising event in Austin was hosted by former Dell executive Tom Meredith, who offshored around 4,000 jobs during his time with the company. Apparently Obama is willing to overlook some offshoring when the perpetrator is helping to raise millions of dollars for his re-election campaign.

  • Recent incidents where Russian bombers came within close proximity to U.S. airspace violate the terms of the 2010 New START Treaty. How’s that reset of relations with Russia working out?

  • Inside Higher Ed published an interesting article on the tension between businesses and higher education over credential-based education.

  • Austin Energy quietly celebrated the opening of a biomass power plant that generates electricity at a cost greater than seven times the cost of a natural gas power plant. Between this biomass plant, the wind turbine investments, and the solar plants, it’s no wonder that my Austin Energy bill is set to increase by more than 33%. So when is the Texas legislature going to eliminate Austin Energy’s monopoly status?

Links for 7-18-2012

Dr. Donna Campbell for Texas State Senate District 25

I received a postcard from the NRA today informing me that I should vote for incumbent Jeff Wentworth in the Texas Senate District 25 runoff election. It’s boneheaded political endorsements like this one – particularly for worthless incumbents like Wentworth – that make renewing my NRA membership difficult. Wentworth may support the Second Amendment – the sole issue the NRA considers when endorsing candidates – but he’s pro- a lot of other things too, including abortion, casinos, toll roads, nearly every increased spending bill that comes before the Senate, and cracking open the state’s Rainy Day Fund, provided you give him the faintest hint of a justification for doing so. The NRA is dead wrong with this endorsement. The best candidate for SD25 is Dr. Donna Campbell. She’s pro-life, she’s committed to balancing the state budget without accounting gimmicks or tax hikes, she opposes the implementation of ObamaCare, and she supports school choice and vouchers. Not only should you vote for Dr. Campbell in the runoff election on July 31, but you should take the money you’d spend on a NRA membership and donate it to her.

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