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  • The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) backed down and won’t attempt to enter polling places in Texas.

  • Staffers for WND successfully donated money to Obama’s re-election campaign using the name “Osama bin Laden” via a Pakistani IP address and using a disposable credit card. They listed his occupation as “deceased terror chief,” his employer as “al Qaeda,” and his phone number as the White House’s information line. Thoughtfully, the Obama campaign followed up with emails asking for more money and offering a 10% discount on merchandise from their online store. Nothing to see here, folks, nothing at all.

  • We may not learn much more about the Benghazi fiasco from whistleblowers because Eric Holder’s Department of Justice is pursuing Espionage Act cases very aggressively. This Washington Times article cites a Bloomberg story that claims Holder has prosecuted more government employees under the Espionage Act than all of his predecessors combined.

  • This episode of “Trifecta” concludes with a very powerful statement by Scott Ott on Obama’s culpability for the Benghazi fiasco. It’s definitely worth watching.

  • Remember that Lena Dunham ad for the Obama campaign that we thought was lifted from Vladimir Putin? It turns out Putin lifted it from an Australian Green party candidate. (Via Mark Steyn at National Review Online)

  • Meanwhile the Goodby Silverstein & Partners agency produced an ad for the Obama campaign that features children singing a creepy song about their parents destroying the Earth by voting for Romney.

  • Obama says that in a second term he’ll create a new cabinet position, the “secretary of business.” Yes, Obama seems to be completely unaware that we already have a Department of Commerce.

  • The Department of Justice filed a brief in Hobby Lobby’s lawsuit challenging the Department of Health and Human Service’s ObamaCare mandate that health insurance policies pay for abortifacients. The DOJ brief claims that businesspeople have no constitutional right to religious freedom, and that even if they did, the ObamaCare mandate is not a “substantial” ethical dilemma.

  • We normally think of Norway as a social democratic country that can afford to be generous thanks to its oil and gas wealth. That’s true today, but with petroleum output decreasing and government obligations increasing, Norway is facing its own fiscal cliff. Cutting tax rates to stimulate growth of the private sector and thereby boost government revenue doesn’t sound like an option, either: “Lower tax rates would clearly stimulate work effort. But there is little support for a positive tax revenue effect large enough to close the fiscal gap. Also, since the median voter, by a wide margin, is a tax recipient, not a taxpayer, tax cuts are politically unpopular.”

  • Joel Kotkin wrote an interesting article on how Houston’s huge Texas Medical Center (TMC) complex was built with voluntary, private funds. Austin’s November 6 ballot includes a provision to increase the property tax rate imposed by a special tax district (currently the most favored method of increasing taxes in Texas) to fund a new teaching hospital – the exact opposite approach of TMC. The advertising that promotes this ballot item has been thoroughly deceptive – there are signs are all over that say “Keep Austin Healthy,” as if adding to an already heavy property tax burden to build a teaching hospital that will take years to construct and still more years to graduate its first class will help Austin residents be more healthy on November 7.

  • Two more Tibetans self-immolated, bringing the total to seven in the past week.

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