Links for 7-19-2018

  • Rod Rosenstein says the Department of Justice will notify the public of “foreign operations targeting U.S. democracy.”

  • Victor Davis Hanson argues that Germany is NATO’s challenge, not the U.S. under the Trump administration:

    Berlin sends ultimatums to the indebted Southern European nations. Berlin alone tries to dictate immigration policy for the European Union. Berlin establishes the tough conditions under which the United Kingdom can exit the European Union. And when Berlin decides it will not pony up the promised 2 percent of GDP for its NATO contribution, other laggard countries follow its example. Only six of the 29 NATO members (other than the U.S.) so far have met their promised assessments.

    Germany’s combination of affluence and military stinginess is surreal. Germany has piled up the largest trade surplus in the world at around $300 billion, including a trade surplus of some $64 billion with its military benefactor, the United States, yet it is poorly equipped in terms of tanks and fighter aircraft.

  • A study of Tennessee’s pre-K program concluded that kids who attended pre-K academically underperformed kids who stayed home, at least by the end of kindergarten. The pre-K kids also had more discipline problems and higher rates of special education placement.

  • The U.K. government oversees a laboratory that studies Huawei’s telecommunications equipment, looking for security vulnerabilities. The oversight board just changed its mind about Huawei’s products, saying it has concerns about components supplied to Huawei. The lab’s researchers also aren’t able to check all of the code running inside Huawei’s products.

  • British police have reportedly identified Russian suspects in the Novichok poisoning of Sergei Skripal and his daughter.