Links for 8-20-2017

  • The investigation of the IT contractors who worked for Debbie Wasserman Schultz and other House Democrats now includes a national security component — the FBI is investigating whether Imran Awan, his relatives, and his friends sold information to foreign governments.

  • Kevin Williamson comments on efforts to drive Donald Trump out of office:

    As Trump prepared to take the oath of office, a group of sundry leftists of the anarchist variety declared their intention to “Become Ungovernable,” and they have made some progress on that front, from the violent protests surrounding the inauguration itself to the riots at Berkeley and on other college campuses. The Democratic establishment and its media allies — the Respectable Left — play a good-cop/bad-cop game with the blackshirts and rioters. The black bloc exercises a heckler’s veto, and the campus administrators and municipal authorities pretend to be saddened that they are obliged to bar conservative speakers from their campuses or restrict public discourse. The nice progressives in cardigans assure us that they deplore the violence of Antifa and similar goon squads, but they know who their friends are — and, more important, who they aren’t. Charles Murray can’t speak on a college campus without being physically assaulted, but the real danger, these progressives tell us, is that the NRA made a recruiting video.


    It may be that the investigations under way will turn up something of real interest, but there is nothing in the known facts about the Trump administration that justifies the current effort to drive him from office. He’s a lousy executive, high on rage and none too bright, venal, vain, and vicious, but we knew that when we elected him. America could have had Mitt Romney or Scott Walker if the voters had so desired. They went in another direction. You buy the ticket, you take the ride. In the immortal words of Ed Koch: The people have spoken, and now they must be punished.

  • Spanish police say the terror cell that attacked Barcelona and Cambrils originally intended to drive a truck bomb into the Sagrada Familia cathedral in Barcelona. The police officer who shot four of the five Cambrils attackers dead is a former Spanish special forces soldier.

  • Iraqi forces launched an offensive to recapture the city of Tal Afar from ISIS. Tal Afar is 50 miles west of Mosul.