Links for 6-25-2017

  • Yuval Levin writes on the Senate health insurance bill:

    The federalization of health-insurance regulation is the core of Obamacare, and of the problem with it. The House bill sought to reverse it partially by allowing the states to obtain waivers from a couple of elements of Title I of the law—particularly the definition of essential health benefits, and the age-bands that govern how widely premiums can vary between younger and older people. The Senate bill pursues similar goals within the framework of Obamacare, by vastly expanding the range of permissible state waivers under Section 1332 of the law.

    Under Obamacare, these waivers technically allow states to pursue different insurance-regulation regimes, but they are very limited in scope because a state has to show that it would achieve exactly the same thing the federal Obamacare rules would achieve, which means states can’t really do anything all that different. The Senate bill removes most of these “guardrails” on the waivers, requiring only that a state show that its proposed alternative would not increase the federal deficit. So while a state could not, for instance, end community rating rules (because the 1332 waivers have to operate within the framework of community rating created by Obamacare), it could very significantly change other kinds of rules and requirements within its borders—to a far greater degree than anything the House waivers envisioned. And the bill requires that these waivers be more or less automatically approved.

  • Sarah Hoyt writes on our slow motion cultural revolution:

    I don’t know who coined “Reeeee” for the sound progressives make when in the middle of a scream fest about some – mostly imaginary and unintended – offense. I know that for several months now all my friends use it, usually when just having dealt with some idiot who keeps yammering on about moon ferrets (or patriarchy. Or white supremacy. All of which have the exact same degree of existence in modern America.)


    As long as the Reeeee brigades can convey the thought that our past is vaguely dirty and we shouldn’t know it or study or inherit anything from it, they’ll have won. They will have implanted the intellectual genes of Marxism, the monstrous ideas of the Communist Manifesto – including the notion that children should be raised by “a village”, or in other words, the State, so they won’t be tained by their parents’ values.

    The “taint” they’re avoiding is the idea that an individual, of himself, is something worthy of respect and self-determination, the idea of property rights and self-ownership, the idea of something outside the state.

  • The Trump administration is continuing an Obama era policy of designating election systems as “critical infrastructure” so the federal government has a say in how it’s operated. Many members of Congress are of the same mind, but a majority of state secretaries of state are opposed on separation of powers grounds.

  • A truck transporting oil overturned in Pakistan, and people gathered to collect the leaking oil. Then someone ignited the oil, killing 153 people.