Links for 2-4-2017

  • Three brothers who provide IT services to the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence were fired for accessing congressional computer networks without permission and stealing equipment. Other House members, including members of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, also employed the brothers. 

  • U.S. Magistrate Judge Thomas Rueter ruled that Google must turn over to the FBI data that’s stored in an overseas data center. The Second U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals came to the opposite conclusion regarding a demand for data that was stored in an overseas Microsoft data center, so it’s not clear what’s going on with this judge.

  • Andrew McCarthy argues that we should be prosecuting left wing rioters, not lionizing them:

    The message could not be clearer: For the political Left in this country, violence in the pursuit of “social justice” is not to be condemned, it is to be understood. There is the occasional winking rebuke of the forcible methods, but the underlying “progressive” cause is always endorsed, and the seditionist vanguard is the object of adulation.

    It is a huge problem in our country.

    What is being championed is not dissent. It is the destruction of the right to dissent. It is the suspension of the rule of law, without which a free society protective of life, liberty, and property is impossible.


    For too long, our elites have portrayed transgressive behavior (very much including its allegedly artistic expression) as virtue. The constant undercurrent is that our country, our principles, and our norms are not worth having — much less admiring or defending. We are perversely taught to loathe ourselves, and thus to excuse and even revere those who raise the loathing into intimidation, aggression, and violence. Much of this phenomenon is cultural, which means government cannot fix it. But government is duty-bound to uphold the rule of law, and thus to ensure that our problems can be addressed peacefully.

    Sedition and its related pathologies must be prosecuted. Equally important, they must be condemned. Without that, there cannot be a pluralistic, flourishing society.

  • The Home School Legal Defense Association is suing New York City’s public schools for reporting homeschool families to Child Protective Services.