Links for 12-31-2016

  • The FBI and DHS released a report on Russian hacking during the 2016 election season, and Sharyl Attkisson wrote a good summary of how much factual evidence the report provides (not much).

  • Andrew McCarthy tries to nail down how much Donald Trump really understands about radical Islam:

    Transnational progressives see Israel as intransigent, notwithstanding its many attempts to trade land for peace. They rationalize Palestinian terrorism as the product of that intransigence, not of ideology. Thus, their smug calculation that branding Israel as an “occupier” of “Palestinian land” in gross “violation of international law” is the nudge Israel needs to settle. This will effectively grant the Palestinians their coveted sovereign state. Thus accommodated, Palestinians will surely moderate and co-exist with Israel — if not in peace, then in the same uneasy state in which Parisians coexist with their banlieues and Berliners with their refugees.

    It is not just fantasy but willfully blind idiocy. No one who took a few minutes to understand the ideology of radical Islam would contemplate for a moment a resolution such as the one Obama just choreographed.


    We are not merely in a shooting war with jihadists. We are in an ideological war with sharia supremacists. Mass-murder is not their sole tactic; they attack at the negotiating table, in the councils of government, in the media, on the campus, in the courtroom — at every political and cultural pressure point. To defeat jihadists, it is necessary to discredit the ideology that catalyzes them. You don’t discredit an ideology by ignoring its existence, denying its power, and accommodating it at every turn.

    President Obama never got this. Will President Trump?

  • The Trump transition team supposedly negotiated a federal hiring freeze with the Obama administration effective December 1 so Donald Trump could begin implementing his plan to shrink the federal workforce through attrition. Instead the Obama administration went on a hiring binge, trying to stuff as many of its supporters into federal slots as it could.

  • A gunman dressed as Santa Claus killed at least 35 people at a nightclub in Istanbul.

  • Three bombs killed 29 people in Baghdad as the offensive against ISIS in Mosul resumed.

  • China Central Television announced plans for new global channels and a new media agency to increase the Chinese government’s influence abroad.