Links for 12-24-2016

  • Camille Pecastaing wrote a short history of Aleppo and a condemnation of President Obama’s failed Middle East policies:

    In the 1990s, Pax Americana was unchallenged in the Middle East. The elder Bush had liberated Kuwait, and Clinton had brought Arafat and Rabin to the White House to ratify the Oslo Accords. But the 21st century has been rough for the United States; the second Intifada, the Iraq War, and the Arab Spring exposed Washington’s inability to impose outcomes in the region. By 2011, signs of a strategic American disengagement there had converged into a policy.

  • The evacuation of the rebel-held area of Aleppo is complete, so Russian planes stepped up bombing raids on rebel-held areas around Aleppo.

  • Andrew McCarthy writes on the Obama administration’s failure to veto the United Nations Security Council resolution that condemns Israeli settlement activity:

    It was a black day in modern American diplomatic history, a flurry of sinister wheeling and dealing while the nation — exhausted by the election, anticipating a weekend of Christmas and Hanukkah celebration — was looking the other way.


    Regardless of how many resolutions the rabidly anti-Semitic U.N. rolls out, territorial sovereignty, like other disputed issues, will not be settled unless the parties directly affected by it, Israel and the Palestinians, arrive at an understanding. Obama, however, has schemed to impose an outcome unilaterally by rendering as illegitimate Israel’s side of the argument — which, to the contrary, is as justifiable legally as it is essential for Israel’s security.
    That, alas, is Obama’s real legacy: There are no good-faith disputes with him; you either agree with him or you are an outlaw.