Links for 11-8-2016

  • Former Libertarian candidate for president Austin Petersen: “I despise Gary Johnson…but I voted for him.”

  • Rachel Lu wrote an elegy for the Tea Party:

    The Tea Party also may be remembered in years to come as the nursery for some great statesmen. Fledgling politicians like Mike Lee, Paul Ryan, and Ben Sasse cut their teeth in this period, and the effects of that conditioning can still be seen in their thinking as they become more seasoned. They understand with considerable nuance why the welfare state has failed. They appreciate the fearsome dimensions of our looming entitlement crisis and our burgeoning national debt. The Tea Party’s concerns are written into the political DNA of our brightest rising stars, and this is a promising sign. For a politician, coming of age in a small-government moment is an advantage, much like having been given effective discipline as a child. It helps in accomplishing great things.

  • Victor Davis Hanson wrote a long list of reasons why the next president is screwed:

    Another problem the new president will face is corruption. Under the Obama administration, malfeasance has now warped the most sacrosanct and once unimpeachable agencies, well beyond the State and Justice Departments. Americans, after the Lois Lerner’s Fifth Amendment plea, have lost confidence in the Internal Revenue Service, vital for a system of self-tax reporting. During the Hillary Clinton email investigations, FBI Director James Comey did to the once-venerable FBI what Lerner had done to the IRS—allowed politics to warp policy as he handed out immunities to Clinton officials and ignored to draw the logical conclusions from the data of his own investigations. The result is that no one believes that either the FBI or IRS runs disinterested investigations of the powerful. The VA, the Secret Service, the GSA, ICE, and the EPA are either guilty of not enforcing current laws and statues, of becoming utterly incompetent, or of freelancing without legislative oversight—or of all three combined. The common denominator is the belief that government does not serve the citizenry, but serves the wishes of the chief executive.

  • An international election observer from Greece retweeted a pro-Clinton tweet, which suggests he may not be as impartial an observer as he’s supposed to be.

  • The jury hearing the Rolling Stone false rape story lawsuit awarded $3 million in damages to Nicole Eramo, the University of Virginia dean of students. Eramo had asked for $7.5 million.

  • Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued a statement accusing a television journalist, Ilana Dayan, of trying to bring down his government.

  • Three Pakistani civilians and one Indian soldier were killed in the latest clashes in Kashmir.