Links for 10-8-2016

  • The New York Times had a story on Donald Trump’s disgusting, loutish behavior toward women queued up for Sunday, but they advanced its publication after yesterday’s article in The Washington Post.

  • I’m not a fan of Rick Wilson, but he’s entitled to an “I told you so” moment regarding Republicans who endorsed Donald Trump:

    Did you think your little cute rhetorical games will save you from blistering, vicious Democratic attacks and media coverage in 2018 or 2020? Did you think your wink-and-a-nod to your friends in the DC press will get you a pass from the future you helped create?

    Do you think anonymous leaks to Politico or the Washington Post or the New York Times about how disappointed you are and how strongly you expressed your reservations — behind closed doors, of course — about Trump will save you? Those are the old rules from the old Washington.

    They won’t. Your public posture was a bended knee and puckered lips to Trump and Trumpism, and that’s the frame of your public image in future races. You may think it’s unfair for them for them to say, “David Duke and Congressman X both endorsed and supported Donald Trump” but it’s irresistible — and, most unfortunately for you — effective.

    On Ted Cruz:

    Cruz is now in a no-man’s land; he’s locked himself into a room with people who loathe him and will gleefully destroy him at the first moment. He didn’t have a lot of friends in the old GOP to begin with, but now he’s a lonely, tragic figure. The look on his face while he phone-banked for Trump from the Texas GOP offices said it all. The GOP establishment will never accept him, the Trumplicans will never accept him as one of their own, and conservatives are left heartbroken and confused about how quickly and violently his star has fallen.

    The example of Ted Cruz should teach every endorser of Donald Trump a lesson: No matter what you do, no matter how abject your worship of Trump, nothing suffices when it comes to the new Republican party he’s created. The bastardized version of authoritarian statist “conservatism” led by Donald Trump, and the forces he’s unleashed are coming for you.

  • Republican candidates are fleeing the sinking ship, and Mike Pence says he’s offended by Trump’s remarks and can’t defend his running mate. Nearly every Utah Republican who endorsed Trump withdrew their endorsement, which helps Evan McMullin even if they don’t formally endorse him.

  • The Obama administration eased financial sanctions against Iran.

  • Yesterday the U.S. and Finland signed a bilateral defense cooperation pact:

    While Washington and Helsinki already closely cooperate through joint military drills on air, land and sea, the non-legally binding pact seeks to deepen the ties through information exchange, joint research and development in areas like cyberdefense and training among other things.

    The pact covers cooperation in ship building, nuclear defense and developing technologies for the Arctic – an area of increasing interest for both nations.

    Russian Su–27 fighters violated Finland’s airspace over the Gulf of Finland on Thursday. Twice.

  • Russia confirmed that it moved nuclear-capable short-range missiles into Kaliningrad.

  • A federal district court judge dismissed the Security and Exchange Commission’s lawsuit against Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton.

  • A high ranking general in Yemen’s military died fighting Houthi rebels east of the capital.

  • Austin Petersen (former Libertarian Party candidate for president) interviewed Evan McMullin (current independent candidate for president):