Links for 10-6-2016

  • The U.S. Army identified the soldier who died in an IED explosion in Afghanistan as Special Forces Staff Sgt. Adam S. Thomas, who was assigned to Fort Carson, Colorado.

  • Forty-four Afghan soldiers undergoing training in the U.S. have disappeared over the past two years. From the article: “While other foreign troops on U.S. military training visits have sometimes run away, a U.S. defense official said that the frequency of Afghan troops going missing was concerning and ‘out of the ordinary.’”

  • Kevin Williamson writes that you won’t find much about Clarence Thomas in the Smithsonian’s new National Museum of African American History and Culture:

    The Smithsonian has opened a new National Museum of African American History and Culture, a long overdue addition to its offerings. And in this version of African-American history and culture, black conservatives do not exist.

    Specifically, the life and career of Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas have been — forgive the term — whitewashed from the record. Anita Hill, an obscure functionary who achieved for herself a moment of fleeting fame when she advanced the interests of the Democratic party by smearing Clarence Thomas with lurid, flimsily documented allegations of sexual harassment, is presented as a major figure of the 20th century.

    The scholar and jurist who actually sits on the Supreme Court? Clarence Thomas is an invisible man, so far as the Smithsonian is concerned.

  • Nathaniel Peters wrote an interesting article about young conservatives who feel betrayed by leaders who endorsed Donald Trump:

    It also brings to mind Doug Kmiec, the Pepperdine Law School professor who traveled the country making a Catholic case for Barack Obama. My friends and I thought that secular progressives were not going to take their cues from Catholic thought. Clearly, we were right. For his services, Doug Kmiec was made ambassador to Malta, but President Obama has never relied on Catholic leaders for advice as President Bush did. Before long, the Department of Health and Human Services started issuing mandates, forcing Catholic universities and religious orders to fight for their rights in court.

    Donald Trump’s conservative supporters are the Doug Kmiecs of this election, stumping for a candidate who will gladly take advantage of their support during campaign season, then probably ignore their counsel and betray their cause. Is Malta worth that?

  • Some hospitals are setting up special units to handle babies born to mothers addicted to opioids – the units give the babies time to finish going through withdrawal symptoms before they go home.

  • The Texas Attorney General’s office is investigating a large vote harvesting operation in Tarrant County, which is where Fort Worth is located. This is how it worked:

    The perpetrators order mail-in ballots by forging the names of citizens in target districts. They then hire kindly middle-aged and older women to go door-to-door with those ballots in hand. They knock on the door of the citizen whose ballot they have, and make fraudulent claims as to why they are visiting. They may claim they are gathering signatures for a petition, or beg for a signature so they might “meet their quota” for whatever alleged cause they are soliciting on behalf of. Frequently, it is something like “Republicans are trying to take away the rights of black voters”.

    The citizen then unknowingly signs the yellow ballot carrier envelope that contains their ballot – a ballot the perpetrators have already filled out that supports their candidate.

    In other cases, the harvesters will appear with the citizen’s ballot and ask if they need any help filling it out. As they already have the voter’s historical voting record, they will say something like, “You normally vote all Democrat, right?” – even thought it is usually a democrat primary or non partisan municipal elections which they are “helping” them with – and proceed to fill out the ballot as desired by the perpetrators.

  • Haiti postponed its presidential election in the wake of Hurricane Matthew, which killed more than 100 people.