Links for 7-11-2016

  • Robert Kraychik speculates on what the media coverage of the Dallas shootings would have been like if the shooter was a right wing Christian conservative.

  • President Obama is visiting Dallas tomorrow for a memorial service, and Ben Shapiro thinks Dallas cops should turn their backs to him.

  • Texas Governor Greg Abbott suffered second and third degree burns to his lower legs and feet while he was on vacation in Jackson Hole. He was leaving the hospital in Jackson when he learned about the Dallas shootings and flew back to Texas for a press conference the following day; he said anything about the burns. Abbott was admitted to Brooke Army Medical Center today for treatment of an infection and will miss tomorrow’s memorial service in Dallas.

  • Black Lives Matter protestors attacked police in St. Paul, Minnesota and blocked I–94 for hours. Someone dropped a concrete block on an officer’s head, fracturing one his vertebrae.

  • Kurt Schlichter thinks it’s time to reboot the country:

    Welcome to 1968 2.0, the new and improved chaos, featuring a cutting edge assault on our foundational principles by an idiot elite that thinks it can gut the rule of law without consequence. Time to reboot, to wipe the hard drive and reload the factory software coded two-plus centuries ago by those dead white male geniuses.


    Obama and the progressive elite were not satisfied merely with exonerating the clearly guilty Hillary Clinton of charges that would have sent any mere mortal to the slammer. They had to shove it in our faces. The AG met with Bill Clinton. Then the FBI director laid out a devastating case, followed by an “and…nope.” Then President Faily McWorsethancarter swept her away in Air Force One – at our expense – to campaign with her and even placed her at a podium with the presidential seal while the liberal media thrilled and quivered. This is beyond mere corruption. This is them gloating over what they see as their unassailable power. This is them laughing at us.

    The elites don’t understand their endgame:

    What’s the endgame? What happens when – and the day will come – the normals say “No?” Does the elite try force? There’s no doubt it would if it could, but in the end, it needs to ask itself another question: Exactly who is willing to fight and die for their liberal Utopia? The elitists themselves? Their snowflakey kids Kaden and Ashleigh? Do they think they can pay enough people to suit up and go make people conform? How much money will you need to pay somebody to risk his skin to go down to Texas and try to take those Lone Star knuckle-draggers’ guns?

  • Lt. General Michael Flynn went from pro-abortion to pro-life overnight. Some conversions are opportunistic.

  • Senate Democrats have been assigned conservative non-profit groups to criticize in floor speeches because those groups hold heretical views on climate change:

    Internal emails about the effort obtained by the Free Beacon reveal a highly coordinated plan between members of Congress and environmental activist groups to fuel a public relations and legal offensive against fossil fuel companies and groups they support.

  • The president who said he’d get U.S. troops out of Iraq is sending another 560 soldiers to Iraq. These soldiers will be going to the Qayyarah airbase, which Iraqi forces recently recaptured from ISIS; the Iraqis will use the base as a staging area for their assault on Mosul.

  • The Obama administration shipped two Club Gitmo residents to Serbia. One is originally from Yemen, the other from Tajikistan.

  • President Obama is planning major nuclear weapon policy changes before he leaves office – changes that he’ll claim don’t require Congressional approval. One option is a “no first use” policy.

  • Evan Bayh is running for U.S. Senate again. He’ll replace Congressman Baron Hill on the Democrat side of the ballot, and will face Congressman Todd Young in November. This move gives Democrats a much better chance of picking up this open seat (Dan Coats is retiring).

  • David Cameron will resign as the U.K.’s prime minister on Wednesday, and will be replaced by Theresa May. May and Andrea Leadsom were the two remaining candidates for Tory leader, and Leadsom dropped her bid this morning.

  • A leaked German legal document says more than 1,200 women were sexually assaulted on New Year’s Eve across several German cities, including more than 600 in Cologne.

    More than 2,000 men were allegedly involved, and 120 suspects — about half of them foreign nationals who had only recently arrived in Germany — have been identified.

    Only four have been convicted, but more trials are underway.