Links for 6-3-2016

  • The producers of Katie Couric’s anti-gun documentary repeatedly violated federal firearms law by buying guns across state lines without going through a licensed firearms dealer and the accompanying background checks.

  • The House Select Investigative Panel on Infant Lives released emails and other documents showing that Planned Parenthood and StemExpress conspired to violate federal law:

    Documents show that the abortion clinics would regularly share patients’ personal health information with StemExpress. Based on this information, StemExpress technicians would decide what organs they wanted to harvest and then would seek out patients by name to obtain consent forms.

    Sharing personal health information with another entity without a medically valid reason violates federal privacy laws. The evidence reveals Planned Parenthood shared women’s personal health information with StemExpress for the sole purpose of financial gain — which is against the law.

    Documents also reveal that StemExpress and Planned Parenthood routinely lied to women by stating on the consent forms that a patient’s personal health information would be protected, when in fact the two were sharing information with one another without prior consent to this sharing.

  • Michelle Malkin wrote a good round-up of the violence committed against Donald Trump supporters in San Jose.

  • Jake Tapper asked Donald Trump about his assertion that he’s being treated unfairly in a Trump University lawsuit because the judge is of Mexican descent. Trump doubled down and kept uttering a non sequitur that he’s building a wall. This is so sad it’s funny.

  • David Harsanyi writes that libertarians could appeal to social conservatives but they choose not to:

    In many ways, the culture of contemporary Libertarianism already feels inhospitable to conservative Americans — and I mean “conservative” in its purest form. Contemporary Libertarianism often has an urban and secular sensibility that radiates disdain for religious Americans and traditionalists. Johnson, in fact, embraces non-libertarian ideas just to appeal to people who share this disdain.

    But libertarians won’t entice the average progressive, even if his views happen to converge incidentally with libertarian positions from time to time on drugs or gay marriage or whatever else. The core idea of individual freedom is antithetical to a progressive’s belief system. Meanwhile, social conservatives (and conservatarian types), are already making philosophical arguments for limiting the scope, reach, and size of government on an array of fronts — including education, gun rights, and economic freedom.

  • The May jobs report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics was the worst in five years. Only 38,000 jobs were created and 458,000 people dropped out of the workforce.

  • Chinese government hackers disrupted an online event commemorating the 27th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre.

  • Russian President Vladimir Putin fired nine senior members of the security and military services, five of whom were appointed by Dmitry Medvedev while he was president.

  • It’s National Doughnut Day, and the federal government should not be telling you what to eat: