Links for 5-8-2016

  • Austin voters demonstrated that the city is still firmly controlled by liberal statists when they defeated a ballot initiative that would have relaxed requirements on ride sharing companies Uber and Lyft. Both companies are suspending service in Austin on Monday morning, which not only inconveniences people but also kills thousands of jobs.

  • It’s early, but a poll showing Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in a statistical tie in Georgia ought to be a source of concern to the GOP. Trump seems to think he can win the presidency by winning Democrat voters, but shunning conservatives and libertarians means traditional red states may be in play.

  • Turkey claims its military killed 55 ISIS fighters in northern Syria via artillery attacks.

  • Douglas Murray argues that Recep Tayyip Erdogan is the most powerful person in Europe:

    Turkey is home to 2.7 million Syrian refugees — a fact which Erdogan is treating like being in possession of a loaded gun. He threatens to send them over the Aegean to Greece, or let them walk through Bulgaria. ‘If the European Union does not take the necessary steps, then Turkey will not implement the agreement,’ he said last month. ‘Some three million people are being fed on our budget. But we are not doing this for thanks.’ Without visa liberalisation for Turks, ‘no one can expect Turkey to adhere to its commitments’, added Ahmet Davutoglu, the [now former] Prime Minister.

    And so the EU has accepted Turkey’s abominable treatment of Kurds. It has ignored the ongoing illegal occupation of north Cyprus. And it has ignored every single one of its own putative ‘criteria’. In trying to avoid millions more migrants, the EU has opened the doors to 75 million Turks. It’s quite possible that Ergodan doesn’t even want EU membership, that he just enjoys lording it over Europe and showing Turks how he can make a continent (or at least its leaders) quiver. Now Europe is behaving like a man so fearful of death that he chooses to commit suicide.

  • Around 50 people were killed in Afghanistan’s Ghazni province when two buses collided with a fuel tanker truck, sparking an explosion.