Links for 5-1-2016

  • Dan McLaughlin explains why he will never vote for Donald Trump:

    We know, from his deeds, words, and even his pronouncements in this campaign, that Trump offers nothing to conservatives – worse than nothing, he would evict us from any position within our own party. He gets his foreign policy ideas from Michael Moore and Code Pink (or worse yet, from Vladimir Putin); his abortion views are grounded in his sympathy with Planned Parenthood; he supports socialized medicine in the form of single-payer healthcare, higher taxes, more government spending, and Herbert Hoover’s trade policy. He’s never met a bailout or a crony-capitalist deal he didn’t like, or a Democrat he wouldn’t donate to. He’s astonishingly ignorant, emotionally unstable, and wholly incapable of saying no to Democrats. Trump is a spoiled, entitled rich kid who shows not the slightest understanding of the American way of up-by-the bootstraps striving to better yourself; in Trump’s world, the rich get richer by having the right friends, and everybody else is a serf who needs the government to protect them from foreign competition.

  • Ted Cruz won’t commit to supporting Donald Trump if he’s the Republican nominee.

  • Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson produced an ad aimed at the #NeverTrump crowd. Johnson’s problem with conservative voters will be that he’s pro-abortion.

  • Kevin Williamson thinks regulatory uncertainty is one of President Obama’s chief accomplishments, and a primary reason why the economy has grown so little during his administration:

    The president’s predilection for unilateral executive action and a maximalist interpretation of presidential powers will no doubt be considered precedent by Democratic and Republican successors alike (the greatest hope of a Ted Cruz presidency is that the great constitutionalist would reverse this even though it would diminish the power of his office) and, because executive action inevitably is more unpredictable and arbitrary than is legislative action, Obama’s poison gift of uncertainty will grow, cancerously, long after he has left office.

  • China’s military trains the country’s fishermen to operate as an at-sea militia.