Links for 2-20-2016

  • Breitbart interviewed the president of the union representing Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers, Chris Crane, and asked about his interactions with Marco Rubio during the Senate debate over the “Gang of Eight” immigration bill. Rubio refused to meet Crane until a few hours before the bill was introduced in the Senate. Rubio and his staff agreed there were problems with the “Gang of Eight” bill from a law enforcement perspective, implied that changes would be made, then failed to change anything. The next day, Rubio did nothing as Crane was dragged out of a “Gang of Eight” press conference by Capital Hill Police for having the temerity to ask a question. Breitbart then asked Crane questions about the “Gang of Eight” bill and Rubio’s representations of its provisions:

    BBN: Sen. Rubio touted his bill as “The Toughest Border Security & Enforcement Measures In U.S. History,” do you believe this was an honest representation of the bill?

    CRANE: I think that’s absolutely false – there was no real promise or guarantee of stronger border security. The bill actually relinquished Congress’ authority to establish border security measures to the head of DHS. The head of DHS then had something like so six months to unilaterally develop a border security plan after the Gang of Eight bill passed.

    So not only was there no real plan, but Sen. Rubio apparently thought that giving a presidentially appointed bureaucrat god-like powers over America’s immigration system was the answer to border security, this as other Republicans are fighting corrupt and incompetent bureaucrats in agencies like the IRS and Secret Service, not to mention the unlawful policies on immigration enforcement enacted by the current President. Rather than being touted as the toughest border security and enforcement plan in history, it could more accurately be touted as the worst.


    BBN: Sen. Rubio’s bill legalized sex offenders, drunk drivers, and others with criminal records. From an ICE officer’s perspective, how do you feel about his decision to legalize illegal immigrants with criminal convictions?

    CRANE: Under the Obama Administration, ICE released estimates stating that approximately 2 million criminal aliens resided in the U.S. That’s 10 times the size the U.S. Marine Corps, at least when I was in. And I think ICE’s estimates are low.

    People need to wake up. We can’t continue to keep taking millions of the world’s criminals without expecting serious repercussions to public safety and expense and burden to our legal system. Local and state jurisdictions are already overwhelmed by the criminal alien problem in our country. To turn this around and get things back under control, the U.S. must take the opposite approach. We must send criminals back to their countries. Especially sex offenders. I can’t understand why any lawmaker or special interest group would support legalizing sex offenders, but it shows how out of control the bill really was.


    BBN: Sen. Rubio was on television and radio constantly promoting his bill, which was backed by powerful special interests. What did you learn about Sen. Rubio’s character during that time?

    CRANE: In my opinion, Sen. Rubio absolutely knowingly mislead the American people regarding the bill. He was not telling the American public the truth about what that bill contained. Every American will have to determine on their own what that says about his character, but for me I don’t think I’ll ever be able to trust him again.


    BBN: Sen. Rubio has said in several settings that he would not immediately terminate DACA or rescind amnesty papers already issued– what is your response to that as an ICE officer?

    CRANE: DACA has resulted in tens of thousands of children being thrown across the U.S. border. Countless numbers of these children have been sexually assaulted, murdered or become trafficking victims – and they just keep coming.

    If Sen. Rubio were truly concerned with protecting these kids, he would immediately terminate DACA and remove this carrot that continues to draw these children and place them at risk. Many politicians just don’t seem to get it: enforcing our laws saves lives; it is the truly humanitarian approach to our immigration problems.

    Rubio says Chris Crane isn’t an “ICE official” (he’s an ICE officer and head of their union) and Breitbart is a conspiracy theory site. A propaganda site? Yes. A conspiracy theory site? Not so much (at least not yet).

  • Dana Loesch explains how and why she decided to oppose Donald Trump. She starts with a long list of Trump’s well documented, repeated, direct connections to the mob. Funny how Fox News and other mainstream media outlets don’t ask him about his mob connections.

  • It turns out a county IT employee screwed up and reset the password on the San Bernardino terrorist’s iCloud account, which prevented the terrorist’s iPhone from backing itself up; San Bernardino County tweeted that it was working with the FBI when it did this, so they’re trying to avoid taking all the blame. Apple has access to the backups made before the IT employee screwed up and has given those backups to the FBI.

  • Twitter banned another conservative, Robert Stacy McCain, without explanation.

  • The U.S. airstrike on an ISIS training camp in a remote part of Libya killed two Serbian embassy staffers who were kidnapped back in November. Serbia had been negotiating for their release.

  • The rebel groups fighting in Aleppo against Bashar al Assad’s government, the Russians, and the YPG have reorganized under one leader, pooling their resources to withstand an onslaught.

  • Afghan troops pulled out of a district in Helmand province after months of heavy fighting with the Taliban. The Taliban claims they left behind armored personnel carriers and other equipment.

  • I called it: Turkey’s government needs the YPG to be responsible for the Ankara car bombing, so they’re insisting it was the YPG.

  • David Cameron believes he negotiated a deal with the EU that gives the U.K. enough independence that people will vote to remain in the EU in a June referendum. Nigel Farage offered this reaction: “This is a truly pathetic deal. Let’s leave the EU, control our borders, run our own country and stop handing 55 million pounds every day to Brussels.”