Links for 1-24-2016

  • Peter Ferrara endorsed Ted Cruz for president. If you're interested in Cruz's economic policies, Ferrara does a good job summarizing them.

  • Kevin Williamson wrote another anti-Trump article for National Review. He rails against Americans' poor literacy level — particularly political literacy — and summarizes his view of Trump thusly:

    Donald Trump is the face of that insalubrious relationship, a lifelong crony capitalist who brags about buying political favors. But his enthusiasts, devoid as they are of a literate politics capable of thinking about all three sides of a triangle at the same time, take a kind of homeopathic view of Trump, believing that they can dispatch a crony capitalist to undo crony capitalism in the same way that New Age healers believe that a little bit of diluted poison chases away similar toxins. The founder of homeopathic pseudoscience, Samuel Hahnemann, cited “the spirit-like medicinal powers of the crude substances.” There is no substance cruder than that which composes Donald Trump, and no spirit of our time quite as poisonous.

  • Vice President Joe Biden denounced the PKK and thanked Turkey's government for its (largely non-existent) help in fighting ISIS.

  • The pro-Kurdish HDP said it would participate in a parliamentary commission to draft a new Turkish constitution. HDP will lobby against creating a strong presidency in the new constitution.