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  • Donald Trump meets Atlas Shrugged:

    “I insinuate nothing,” Trump replied. “That would be a lie, and unlike some people I could name, I was raised never to tell a lie. I’m just telling the truth about this Rearden guy, who begged like a cripple in the streets to get a reservation at my Trump Hotel on Fifth Avenue in New York City. I told him no, because I don’t want my guests exposed to some hick from the boondocks in Pennsylvania who is a complete and total failure in life. My guests appreciate the finer things, and they’re sure to get them at any of my hotels, resorts, and casinos, not like this Hank Rearden, who between you and me looks like a hobo with a tin cup in his hands. Probably buys his suits off the rack at Men’s Wearhouse to go with those cheap Rearden Metal cufflinks. I’m sorry to say it Hank, but you’re a loser. And as for you, D’Anconia, whatdayou know about metals? Got a copper mine or two in Chile or Tijuana or someplace I never heard of, right? Now don’t take that as an offense against Tijuana. They love me in Tijuana, the little brown people. Let me tell you something about copper. I buy only the best and most luxurious copper in the world, and at bargain prices, because I’m such a great negotiator. I get up at 4 in the morning, every morning, and I’m working the phones, trying to wheel and deal, and succeeding I might add, in the copper markets. They all know me in the copper markets, the big copper merchants, and they say ‘Oh no, it’s Donald Trump, come to skin us alive on another copper deal.’ But they can’t resist me, because they know their copper will be on display at the greatest hotels in all of the world’s most beautiful cities. Not at all like the tarnished stuff that my good friend Francisco, a great guy but he wasn’t even born in America, what the hell kind of name is D’Anconia anyway? Sounds like something you get a dose of at a cathouse in Reno. Anyway, like I was saying, all of the right people, the experts, the Drudge Report, my good friend Rush Limbaugh, they say that my exploits in the copper market are legendary. Because it’s true. I’m the world’s foremost authority on copper. I make the deals. Not like this guy D’Anconia here: zero knowledge on copper. I’d call him a Mexican bum, but that wouldn’t be politically correct, so I’ll say he’s an underachiever. Now don’t take offense, they love me in Mexico. They come up to me with their little pinatas and burritos and they say, ‘Donald, tell us all about this guy D’Anconia.’ And I tell them, well, it’s not for me to say, but if Francisco D’Anconia somehow got to be a participant on my award-winning, top-rated television show ”The Apprentice,“ I’d have to say, ‘Francisco, you’re fired!’”

  • Rick Santorum and Mike Huckabee attended Donald Trump’s event after tonight’s undercard debate ended. The web site that Trump set up to collect donations for veterans actually funnels money to Trump’s personal non-profit foundation, so people will have to take his word that the money will eventually find its way to veterans.

  • Ben Sasse thinks Donald Trump would be a post-constitutional authoritarian in the mold of Barack Obama if he’s elected president.

  • A Russian Su–27 fighter intercepted an American RC–135 reconnaissance aircraft over the Black Sea, closing to within 20 feet of it.

  • The University of Missouri suspended professor Melissa Click after she was charged with misdemeanor assault. She’ll still be paid while she’s suspended.

  • A man was arrested at Disneyland Paris for carrying two pistols and a Koran into the park. A female companion was arrested, too.

  • Sweden plans to deport up to 80,000 migrants who arrived last year and whose applications for asylum have been rejected.

  • Russian special forces troops are reportedly hunting a Turkmen rebel leader in northern Syria who claimed he and his men killed a Russian pilot who ejected from the Su–24 that Turkey shot down back in November.

  • The Mosul Dam in Iraq is at risk of collapsing. ISIS, Iraqi forces, and Kurds have fought over the dam repeatedly, so it hasn’t been properly maintained.

  • Japan’s economy minister Akira Amari resigned over allegations he and his staff accepted bribes from a construction company.

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