Links for 12-6-2015

  • An Italian newspaper interviewed the father of the male San Bernardino terrorist, who said his son was obsessed with Israel. The male terrorist’s mother is a member of Islamic Circle of North America, which supports the creation of a caliphate and has connections to terrorists like Anwar al-Awlaki.

  • Most of the American immigration system is clogged with expensive, slow moving paperwork, but one of the fews areas that can be handled cheaply and entirely online is the mail order bride/groom visa — the one obtained by the female San Bernardino terrorist.

  • John C. Wright offers observations on how progressives manufacture their own reality:

    After 9/11, it became clear that not all cultures equally provide for human liberty and happiness. Indeed, it is clear enough to any honest observer that come cultures are productive of vast misery and vast oppression, especially oppression of women, of children, of the weak and helpless. The growing slave trade in underage boys used as catamites by the Muslim is a clear enough sign of this, as well as the rape statistics that follow Muslim migrants entering Europe.

    In recent years, with the cult of multiculturalism dead, and Marxism rightfully tossed into the crematorium of dead yet stupid ideas, the only thing left for the Left to do was to break all ties with honesty.

    Political Correctness has its roots in Stalinism, and is as old as Marx himself, as old as the first lie every told by a snake in Eden. But since 9/11, with both their idols of multiculturalism and socialism smashed, the press and the Left generally expelled their less extreme elements from their midst, or shamed them into silence, and embraced falsehood as the source and summit of all good.

    This is what I call ‘the Unreality Principle’ which is the principle that a lie is better than the truth because to lie and to believe a lie proves one’s loyalty. To lie and believe lies is morally superior than to tell and believe the truth, and the more outrageous the lie, the greater the moral superiority one can award oneself.


    Leftism has more in common with conspiracy theories about faked moon landings than it does with any economic theory or political policy.

    Leftism is a convenient way for postchristians to signal to the warren that they are virtuous: by screaming about imaginary danger, hunting witches, and ignoring real dangers, they show their utmost loyalty to unreality, and their absolute defiance of their enemy.

    Their enemy is reality.

  • German Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel urged Saudi Arabia to stop funding radical Islamist mosques.

  • Libya’s rival parliaments signed a “declaration of principles” intended to end the country’s civil war.

  • ISIS murdered the governor of Yemen’s Aden province with a car bomb. At least six other people were killed in the attack.