Links for 10-17-2015

  • Christopher Monckton is proposing a new, fully asset-backed “currency” called the Texas Talent designed to protect investments when the U.S. dollar inevitably collapses under the weight of the federal government’s huge debt. At least some of the assets behind the Talent would be Texas oil and gas. All transactions involving Talents would be electronic, hopefully bypassing restrictions on “hard” (printed) currency. Talents would effectively be shares in a fund, and the fund would be subject to the usual financial regulations and oversight.

  • A federal district court judge refused to issue an injunction forcing Texas to accept Mexico’s Matricula Consular cards as IDs when people request birth certificates for their children born in Texas. Texas law states only parents or grandparents can request a birth certificate for a child, and those parents and grandparents have to prove their identity. Many illegal immigrants obtain Matricular Consular cards from Mexican consulates to try and fullfil this requirement, but Texas refuses to accept them because the consulates do very little to verify the identities of the people applying for them. Until recently, the cards were easy to counterfeit, too.

  • Hillary Clinton’s reaction when Jake Tapper asks her about the FBI investigation into her private email server is bizarre:

  • Senate Democrats support nullification – when it suits them.

  • Andrew McCarthy details how the Obama administration is blaming Israel for the Palestinian attacks against Israelis:

    This is the administration that labels blatant anti-American terrorism “violent extremism” and “workplace violence” because it cannot bring itself to attach the T-word to jihadist mass murderers. Yet Obama’s minions blithely applied the “terrorist” label to Israelis — thus echoing Abbas, Hamas, Iran, the Muslim Brotherhood, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, al-Qaeda, ISIS, and Hezbollah.

  • Taiwan’s ruling party, the Kuomintang, is set to lose the next presidential election in January, and it took the extraordinary step of replacing its chosen presidential candidate midway through the campaign.