Links for 10-16-2015

  • Breitbart interviewed actor John Rhys-Davies, who is promoting the movie Return to the Hiding Place. Rhys-Davies had several interesting things to say:

    But the real point is, if you play down the things that bind you, you weaken a society. If you do not believe that America is great, if you’re not allowed to say ’My country ‘tis of thee, sweet land of liberty,’ you will find sectional forces in your country trying to break it down. All countries have centrifugal forces trying to tear them apart. The way that you hold your society together is because you have that extraordinary document, the Constitution. Be very wary of people who seek to change the Constitution because it is the glue that holds your disparate peoples together.

    Western Christian civilization, of which you’re a part, is one of the great glories of mankind. These are the things we stand for. We stand for liberty, liberty of association, freedom of speech. We stand for the equality of everyone in our society before the law, men as well as women. We could make a list of all the things. But let’s get back to respecting these things. These are the glories of our ancestors. These are what thousands of our ancestors died to protect and preserve. And if we allow those things to go because we are afraid of being politically incorrect, or of hurting somebody by suggesting that perhaps their value system may not be quite as nice as ours, then we are fools, and ultimately, scoundrels.

  • FBI officials who have been investigating Hillary Clinton’s private email server are angry over President Obama’s defense of Clinton.

  • Matthew Continetti thinks President Obama’s coddling of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas encouraged the recent violence in Israel: “The terror gripping Israel is the result of a Palestinian leadership so adrift and corrupt, so aggrieved and conspiratorial, that it encourages the radicalization of its youth and promotes an atmosphere of hatred and murder… And what has the United States done to stop him [Abbas]? Nothing. Not during this presidency. Obama’s focus has been laser-like when it comes to Israel’s missteps, Israel’s weaknesses, Israel’s moral code, and what he sees as Israel’s true interests. Abbas, on the other hand, is someone Obama has been content to puff up, placate, excuse, humor, ignore.”

  • Today’s collapsing ObamaCare co-op: Colorado.

  • Kevin Williamson outlines how much of the federal budget will go to servicing the debt once interest rates increase. His conclusion is characteristically Williamson: “Some of my conservative friends believe that we’re going to be rescued by the Growth Fairy. I believe in the Bankruptcy Fairy.

  • The U.S. charged a hacker in Malaysia with stealing personal information about members of the military and giving it ISIS. This is the first time someone has been charged with both hacking and terrorism.

  • Bloomberg reported that Russian hackers breached Dow Jones computers and stole information so they could trade on it before it went public.

  • Paul Kengor presents evidence that Arthur Miller was a communist and The Crucible is an allegory linking the Salem witch trials to McCarthy-era anti-communism.

  • Emails from Luna Lovegood. (via The Transom)