Links for 10-13-2015

  • Planned Parenthood announced that it will stop accepting payment for baby parts. They contend that it’s legal to accept reimbursement payments, but the undercover videos recorded by the Center for Medical Progress showed Planned Parenthood clinics negotiating baby part prices with an eye toward turning a profit. As Bre Payton writes, “…Planned Parenthood’s announcement today suggests that the organization knew its activities were almost certainly illegal.”

  • Students at the University of Texas at Austin decided to protest the state’s concealed carry law for college campuses by openly carrying sex toys, an effort they’re calling #CocksNotGlocks. Mollie Hemingway looked at the infection rates for sexually transmitted diseases and reasoned that sex must be regulated since STDs affect many more people than gun violence does. Toward that end, she adapted some of the left’s gun control proposals, including the following:

    • Mandatory waiting periods before the instigation of any sexual activity.
    • Mandatory background checks of each participant, with rigorous and detailed information about his or her sexual history.
    • We must close the loophole on hooking up in bars.
    • Launch a federal sexual participant registry with detailed sexual history information.
    • We must interface all state databases monitoring sexual participation to assess the sex-having population more accurately and effectively.
    • A lifetime ban on sex for those individuals who have a fail to meet government standards on emotional well-being and proper risk-analysis.
  • American and Afghan forces destroyed two Taliban training camps in southern Afghanistan. One of the training camps covered nearly 30 square miles. Sixty-three air strikes were conducted in support of ground troops.

  • Liberal inside-the-beltway media outlet Politico says President Obama’s failing Syria and Russia policies are his own doing, along with two top advisors, Denis McDonough and Susan Rice. Other members of the administration want to stand up to Vladimir Putin’s provocations, but President Obama refuses to do anything.

  • Hillary Clinton’s private email server was running Microsoft’s remote desktop software, exposed to the internet without any security precautions such as a VPN. The feeblest script kiddie could have hacked it through that mechanism, so it’s virtually certain that it was hacked.

  • Daniel Horowitz wants to know why Carly Fiorina now supports risking a government shutdown to achieve conservative goals like defunding Planned Parenthood, but in 2013 Fiorina harshly criticized Ted Cruz for a government shutdown stemming from his effort to stop funding ObamaCare.

  • Betsy McCaughey writes that the fight over the House speakership is democracy in action, not “chaos” as portrayed by the mainstream media:

    Right now, newly elected members of Congress — meaning anyone serving a first, second, or even third term — is powerless. Members lacking seniority are told to shut up and vote the way the Speaker dictates or be punished. Those who dare refuse are dumped from committees and threatened with a primary opponent (funded by the Speaker and his clique) at the next election. As Former Speaker Newt Gingrich observes, “in free societies, it’s very difficult to try to govern by punishment.” But that’s Boehner’s M.O.

    It’s humiliating for members of Congress, and worse for you. If your representative is powerless, you’re not represented. No wonder, some 62% of GOP primary voters across the nation feel betrayed by their party’s politicians. In 2010, these impassioned voters produced the biggest GOP gain in House seats since 1938, with marching orders to thwart Obama’s liberal agenda.

    But the House’s top bosses have kept these newly elected members — more than half their party have been elected since 2010 — in servitude. The top committee jobs are closed to them, and existing rules prevent them from introducing bills or amendments and doing what their constituents elected them to do: govern.

  • Dutch investigators released a report on the downing of Malaysian Airlines flight 17 over Ukraine. A Russian-made Buk surface-to-air missile exploded just in front of the 777, breaking off the front of the plane. The missile was probably launched from the area of Ukraine occupied by Russian separatists. The report is highly critical of Ukraine for failing to close the airspace over a combat zone.

  • The Minnesota dentist who killed “Cecil the Lion” won’t be prosecuted by Zimbabwe because he didn’t break the law.

  • Palestinian knife and gun attacks in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv killed three Israelis and injured several others. One Palestinian man drove his car into a bus stop in an ultra-Orthodox neighborhood of Jerusalem, then jumped out and started hacking people with a cleaver; a passer-by shot him dead.

  • Turkey claims it won’t tolerate an area along its border with Syria that’s controlled by the Kurdish YPG and its political wing, the PYD. Once again, Turkey would rather see ISIS run amok than see the Kurds controlling something that looks like a nation state.

  • Vanuatu is in chaos after the country’s Supreme Court found 14 members of parliament guilty of bribery. With the president out of the country, one of the 14, parliament speaker and acting head of state Marcellino Pipite, signed a pardon for himself and the other 13.