Links for 10-4-2015

  • Congressman Stephen Fincher of Tennessee is another example of a Tea Party candidate turned crony capitalist shill, in this case one who's trying to resurrect the Export-Import Bank:

    Fincher, once an opponent of the Export-Import Bank —a federal agency that subsidizes foreign buyers of U.S.-made goods — now is trying to undermine his party's leadership by teaming up with Nancy Pelosi and her party in order to reauthorize Ex-Im Bank as President Obama and his big donors in the business lobby have demanded.

    The obvious explanation is that Fincher has pulled up his Tennessee roots and is now firmly planted in D.C. Instead of serving Western Tennessee, Fincher, who sits on the Financial Services Committee, now represents Wall Street and K Street.

    Fincher has raised a quarter-million for his re-election, according to his most recent campaign finance filing. Exactly two of his approximately 150 donations have come from Tennessee residents. Tennessee residents have given Fincher a combined $750, which rounds to 0 percent of his money raised.

    Fincher has raised more money from the K Street firm Barbour, Griffith, and Rogers than he has from individuals in Tennessee. More than 99 percent of the money powering Fincher's re-election bid comes from political action committees (almost all of them corporate PACs) and K Street lobbyist types.

  • Crunching the numbers on a cost/benefit analysis for recycling demonstrates that from an economic point of view, recycling is silly. From an environmental point of view, it only makes sense to recycle paper and metal.

  • Sharyl Attkisson's new Sunday show, Full Measure, premiered today.

  • The U.S. Air Force consolidated all of its bomber wings into the 8th Air Force.