Links for 9-12-2015

  • Abortion survivor Gianna Jessen testified before the House Judiciary Committee earlier this week regarding Planned Parenthood:

    (via RedState)

  • Two days after Senate Democrats filibustered an attempt to reject President Obama’s Iranian nuclear deal, Iran announced that it discovered a new uranium deposit and will begin mining it soon. Part of the rationale for the nuclear deal was that Iran lacks large uranium deposits; to continue refining uranium, they’d would have to import ore and that could be controlled if Iran failed to comply with deal. Now Iran may have a domestic source of uranium.

  • Andrew McCarthy believes the failed attempt to reject the Iranian nuclear deal has consequences that can’t be reversed:

    Here’s the “I told you so” part: No sooner had the Democratic filibuster succeeded than did two well-regarded legal scholars take to the pages of The Atlantic to pronounce that Obama’s Iran deal is the law of the land. Yale’s Bruce Ackerman and New York University’s David Golove contend that the agreement cannot be unilaterally repudiated by a future Republican president, no matter how much GOP congressional leaders and 2016 hopefuls bloviate to the contrary.

    This conclusion will shape bipartisan conventional wisdom in Washington and the chattering class. And guess what? The progressive professors have a strong case because of the way the Corker law was written by GOP congressional leaders (in consultation with their Democratic counterparts and the White House). Corker’s law is quite plausibly interpreted as authorizing a full repeal of the sanctions against Iran’s nuclear program — meaning they could not be reinstated absent new legislation (which the Democrats and the “international community” would vigorously oppose). Certainly the odds are good that the federal courts would see it that way. (Did I mention that Senate Republicans have already confirmed over 300 Obama appointees to the bench?)

    This is why I felt obliged to fight the Corker bill tooth and nail. As Ackerman and Golove posit, when executive agreements “have their foundation in congressional statutes authorizing the president to commit the nation,” then those statutes and the agreements they have authorized become “the supreme law of the land” every bit as much as treaties are.

  • South Carolina suspended the licenses of two abortion clinics after inspections sparked by the Center for Medical Progress’s Planned Parenthood videos.

  • The College Board is on its way to establishing a left-leaning national high school curriculum via its advanced placement tests, which more and more students are taking.

  • Britain’s Labour Party elected Jeremy Corbyn as its leader by a wide margin. He’s the furthest left leader Labour has ever elected, which is saying something. He admires Karl Marx and Hugo Chavez.

  • The story behind the drowning of three year old Kurdish toddler Aylan Kurdi continues to fall apart. People who survived the accident say Aylan’s father Abdullah was working with the human smugglers and piloting the boat when it capsized.

  • Eighty-nine people were killed in an explosion at a restaurant in Petlawad, India. A cooking gas cylinder exploded, which set off a cache of detonators stored in an adjacent building.