Links for 8-15-2015

  • Documents provided by Edward Snowden show that AT&T has been an enthusiastic partner with the NSA when it comes to intercepting and forwarding Internet traffic.

  • Two of Hillary Clinton’s aides, Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills, used private email accounts for government business while Clinton was Secretary of State. These email accounts are in addition to the accounts they had on Clinton’s private server.

  • Hillary Clinton’s missing State Department emails could make it difficult for the U.S. to convict Ahmed Abu Khatallah, the only person who has been apprehended and charged in the Benghazi attack:

    If Mrs. Clinton thinks FOIA is a headache, wait until she sees what happens when a top government official’s reckless mass deletion of e-mails takes center stage in a terrorism prosecution of intense national interest. Federal criminal court is not the nightly news. There, mass deletion of files is not gently described as “emails a government official chose not to retain”; it is described as “destruction of evidence” and “obstruction of justice.”

  • Most of the federal insurance cooperatives created under ObamaCare are losing money and won’t be able repay the federal loans they’ve received.

  • The Obama administration is investigating the possibility of using stateside military detention facilities to house inmates from Club Gitmo. Specifically they’re looking at a disciplinary barracks at Fort Leavenworth and a naval brig in Charleston.

  • The notion of “fluid gender identity” that’s advocated on college campuses opens an avenue of defense for men accused of rape:

    One day, it’s going to happen that a young woman, whether because she’s delusional, an emotional exhibitionist, or simply vindictive, will file a complaint with her university’s sexual harassment squad claiming that, even though she consented for months to have sex with her boyfriend, she’s concluded in retrospect that her erstwhile boyfriend raped her. Being familiar with the Stalin-esque administraition her campus, she rightly assumes that, once she’s filed her complaint, her boyfriend will be summoned before a kangaroo court and run out of campus on a rail, with his entire future destroyed. Ah, sweet revenge!

    But wait! In the Perfect Storm scenario, the ex-boyfriend, when called before the tribunal, refuses to bow down. He does not beg for a lawyer. He does not offer pathetic, chauvinistic attacks against his victimized accuser. He does not beg for mercy.

    Instead, the accused ex-boyfriend claims that the charge against him cannot possibly be true. The reality, he says, is that during the time he was dating his accuser, his gender identity was feminine. Not only was his gender identity feminine, it was also lesbian — and to the extent his appearance on campus was externally masculine, he behaved that way because he had discovered that he had much greater sexual success as a lesbian (with sexual success defined as encounters with other women) when those same women believed he was a man. He knew, however, at all relevant times, that he was a lesbian having sex with the woman now hiding behind a screen and accusing him of the heteronormative crime of rape.

    Not only does the accused ex-lesbian boyfriend deny the charges against him, he counterattacks. His accuser, he says, the so-called “victim,” has caused him deep emotional distress. She is therefore guilty of microaggressions directed at (1) lesbians, (2) women, and (3) gender fluid individuals. Moreover, the administrative tribunal itself is a triggering factor that has caused him to relive in a post traumatic stress way the horrors of a childhood with religious conservative parents who insisted that men are men, women are women, and that marriage can be only between one man and one woman.

    (via Ed Driscoll at Instapundit)

  • There were several bombings in Baghdad today, and 24 people were killed.

  • The PKK blew up a military convoy in southeastern Turkey, killing three soldiers and wounding six. The PKK has killed more than 40 members of the Turkish security forces since the government started bombing PKK sites in northern Iraq late last month.

  • South Korea started broadcasting propaganda into the DMZ after North Korea planted land mines that badly injured two South Korean soldiers. The North Koreans say the broadcasts are equivalent to a declaration of war.