Links for 8-8-2015

  • Donald Trump got himself uninvited from the RedState Gathering in Atlanta after he told a Megyn Kelly menstruation joke during a CNN interview; it wasn’t a classy joke. One of Trump’s top campaign advisors, Roger Stone, quit over Trump’s behavior toward Kelly.

  • Kevin Williamson went off on Donald Trump’s post-debate behavior:

    Trump afterward bawled that Kelly’s question was “not nice.” That’s fairly typical Trump: Call a woman a pig and you’re brashly disregarding political correctness; get criticized for it by the nice blonde lady on the news and you cry like a little princess who can’t find her favorite tiara in time for the tea party she’s throwing for her stuffed unicorn.

    That is one of the problems with Trump that the Trumpkins don’t understand. It is true that the our inability to control our borders is an existential threat to these United States and that the crisis of illegal immigration is felt most intensely in downscale communities that do not register on Washington’s radar or Wall Street’s. But Trump’s buffoonery makes it less likely rather than more likely that something substantive will be done on the question. It is the case that the cult of political correctness is very much alive, that it is used to stifle criticism of powerful people and institutions and to render certain thoughts unspeakable. But if your solution to political correctness is to abandon manners and standards of conduct wholesale, then you are simply muddying the waters, making it less likely that we can respond intelligently to the little autocrats when they pipe up.

  • The U.S. Navy won’t file charges against Lt. Cmdr. Tim White, who fired his personal weapon at Mohammad Abdulazeez when he attacked the Navy Operational Support Center in Chattanooga; it’s against regulations to carry firearms while on base unless you’re in a combat zone or you’re with the military police. The Navy will start posting armed guards at Navy Reserve facilities that aren’t located on military bases, which includes the Chattanooga facility.

  • An American soldier was killed when someone detonated a bomb outside the entrance to Camp Integrity, the headquarters of American special forces in Kabul; two other soldiers were wounded. There were several bombings in Kabul on Friday, including a huge truck bomb that killed at least 15 people and wounded 240.

  • Saudi Arabia and its allies continue to push back the Houthis in Yemen, driving them from a fourth regional capital, Zinjibar. Three soldiers from the United Arab Emirates were reportedly killed during the fighting for Zinjibar.