Links for 8-2-2015

  • The final EPA rules on carbon dioxide emissions from power plants calls for a 32% reduction by 2022, as opposed to the draft rules that targeted a 30% reduction by 2020. States will have until 2018 to submit proposals for hitting the new target.

  • The Department of Homeland Security discovered another 50 three year work permits issued to illegal immigrants in defiance of an order by Judge Andrew Hanen. The Department of Justice filed paperwork with Hanen stating that they've made a good enough effort to reclaim or cancel all such work permits, so there's no need to haul the Secretary of Homeland Security into court (as Hanen has threatened).

  • A group studied the effects of anti-abortion ads in Texas' last gubernatorial race (Greg Abbott v. Wendy Davis) and discovered that they changed the voting behavior of key demographic groups in Republicans' favor:

    The best targets for pro-life messaging were Democratic-leaning women, young voters and Hispanic voters. Exposure to just one pro-life video ad shifted Democratic-leaning women by 10 points away from Davis and toward Abbott.

    Moreover, voters aged 18 to 34 shifted about 8 points, and Hispanic voters shifted about 13 net points from Davis to Abbott. Those were staggering results for these demographic groups on this issue. Of course, it wasn’t all positive: these same ads caused a backlash among white men.

  • The PKK drove a tractor filled with explosives into a military outpost in eastern Turkey, killing two soldiers and wounding 31.