Links for 7-21-2015

  • The Center for Medical Progress dropped another Planned Parenthood video, this one featuring haggling over the price of baby organs and discussions of altering abortion methods to improve the quality of harvested organs:

  • In a follow-up to an article I linked yesterday, David Harsanyi took a closer look at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s “expert work group” and found heavy representation by Planned Parenthood employees and other abortionists:

    The people above are offering “technical” guidance, analyzing research, and providing feedback on the government’s policy proposals. They are also part of a group that reviews and approves “core recommendations” offered by the U.S. Office of Population Affairs. Since there is consensus among the “experts,” we can assume there is a consensus among those who picked them. The reality of Planned Parenthood dominating the CDC’s thinking on family planning issues is a reflection of their power in Washington.

  • Five days after the Chattanooga shooting, President Obama ordered federal flags to be flown at half-staff for the four Marines and the one sailor who were killed. The White House was awash in rainbow colors the night of the Supreme Court’s Obergefell v. Hodges decision.

  • The Obama administration is withholding from Congress the text of side deals accompanying the Iranian nuclear deal that address inspections of the Parchin military complex.

  • David Limbaugh writes that the Donald Trump kerfuffle is the mainstream media’s equivalent of yelling, “Squirrel!” to deflect attention from the Iranian nuclear deal, illegal immigration, racial databases, domestic terrorism, etc. Limbaugh says Ted Cruz gets this, but the other Republican candidates for president are falling into the trap:

    I wish I had a dollar for every time someone complained about conservative candidates always falling for the liberal media’s gotcha questions and allowing them to hijack the narrative. “Just refuse to play their game,” they say.

    Well, Sen. Ted Cruz is refusing. When the media pressed him to condemn Trump, he refused to take the bait, yet he stated that he highly respects McCain’s war record and honors all United States veterans.

    By doing so, Cruz is sending multiple messages: 1) He does not agree with Trump or condone the insulting remarks. 2) He adores the U.S. military and veterans. 3) Regardless, he refuses to be ensnared and diverted to nonissues. 4) He won’t say anything to dampen the enthusiasm of patriots who’ve had their fill of President Obama’s destructive policies. And 5) he will stay on message and control his own political campaign.

    It’s unfortunate that some have denounced Cruz as a moral coward for refusing to condemn Trump. That is absurd. He needn’t condemn the indefensible to prove he’s not a moral coward. He’s making the larger point that we must stay focused on the issues. We never will if we continue to defer to those who believe that Caitlyn Jenner is more newsworthy than Iran, which is, with our help, moving giant steps closer to becoming a nuclear power.

  • Ohio Governor John Kasich is running for president. He’s candidate number 16, and his campaign staff consists of Jon Huntsman retreads.

  • The Senate Finance Committee voted 23–3 to renew more than 50 tax credits through 2016, including the wind energy tax credit. Crony capitalism is alive and well in the Senate.

  • Writer E.L. Doctorow passed away at age 84.

  • Two hackers demonstrated how to remotely compromise a Jeep Cherokee, gaining control of everything from its radio to its accelerator. Chrysler offers a cellular data connection option for its cars called Uconnect that provides them an entry point.