Links for 7-11-2015

  • Dan McLaughlin looks at Justice Clarence Thomas' opinions from the just-concluded Supreme Court term:

    But for close watchers of the Court, another theme ran through this term: the breadth and depth of Justice Clarence Thomas’s institutional critique of the Court itself for straying from the Constitution, failing to apply its own precedents evenhandedly, neglecting the separation of powers and federalism, and allowing itself to be manipulated by runaway executive agencies.

    Like a medieval monk preserving Western culture through the Dark Ages, Thomas soldiered doggedly on, carrying the largest writing workload on the Court, pressing his point in cases small and large, sometimes at odds with his conservative colleagues, often alone. Perhaps history will never return to the path he is marking, but no one can say we weren’t warned.

  • Senator Ben Sass complained to President Obama that the draft nuclear treaty with Iran places the burden of proof for treaty violations on the U.S., not Iran – the U.S. has to prove violations instead of Iran proving its compliance. Andrew McCarthy argues that by this logic Sass shouldn't have voted for Senator Bob Corker's bill that places the burden of treaty approval on the Congress instead of the president – Congress has to assemble a two-thirds majority to defeat the treaty instead of President Obama assembling a two-thirds majority in the Senate to approve it.

  • Texas Supreme Court Justice Don Willett wrote a concurring opinion in a professional licensing case that's worth reading. It argues that economic liberty is a fundamental right (PDF), one that courts all too often shortchange by endorsing government action without critically examining whether a law or regulation is actually in the public's interest, as opposed to an entrenched commercial entity's interest. It also addresses a Libertarian bugaboo Supreme Court case, Lochner v. New York.

  • The sad story of Motorola's collapse told pictorially.

  • Afghanistan's government claims a U.S. airstrike killed the leader of ISIS in Afghanistan, Hafiz Saeed Khan.

  • ISIS claimed responsibility for a car bomb attack on an Italian consulate in Cairo, which killed one Egyptian who was passing by.