Links for 5-24-2015

  • FreedomWorks created a PAC, in part because the Republican establishment is telling PACs not to contribute to FreedomWorks-endorsed candidates:

    Tea Party-backed Rep. Thomas Massie, elected in 2012, suspects he’s in that category.

    The Kentucky Republican had little problem raising enough money from business interests and others to win reelection last year, reporting $46,000 from tobacco, trucking, health care and other industries in just the first quarter of 2013.

    He since voted against returning Ohio Rep. John Boehner as House speaker and he broke with GOP leaders when they avoided a standoff with President Obama over immigration reform.

    Now, in the first quarter of 2015, Massie has collected just $1,000 from political action committees, or PACs, which funnel contributions to candidates from business, labor or ideological interests.

    He and other conservative caucus members bluntly say the reason business contributions have fallen is that GOP leaders are retaliating.

    We’re past the point where it should be obvious to conservatives that the GOP is not a suitable vehicle for winning Congressional elections.

  • Both Democrat and Republican members of Congress are calling on President Obama to arm the Kurds.

  • The latest edition of ISIS’ magazine contains an article offering the opinion that Michelle Obama is worth $40 on the ISIS slave market.