Links for 5-15-2015

  • Search teams found the wreckage of a missing Marine Corps helicopter on a mountainside in Nepal. There were no survivors among the six Marines and two Nepali soldiers.

  • ISIS used six suicide car bombs and armored bulldozers to capture the provincial government center in Ramadi, Iraq. An official said at least 60 police officers were killed.

  • Mark Hemingway has had enough with President Obama slandering Christians:

    Well, after six years of Obama, it seems he didn’t exactly live up to his promise to make cultural and religious warfare is a thing of the past. Instead, he deliberately exacerbated the conflict again and again. We’re at the point where the man well-intentioned liberal Christians like Dionne said could end the culture wars makes a flatly wrong and objectionable assertion that fighting poverty is an afterthought for Christians too often obsessed with abortion, and nobody bats an eye. Of course, it’s been just over two weeks since Obama’s solicitor general warned the Supreme Court that if the White House gets its way on gay marriage, churches could be stripped of their tax exempt status. This would have devastating ramifications for the efforts of churches combatting poverty, but when the White House is so engaged in projection that they think that all churches care about is abortion, it starts to explain how they could do something so obviously damaging to the poor and still live with themselves.

  • The American Petroleum Institute sued the federal government to block new regulations for railroad tank cars that carry oil. API says its member companies can’t retrofit tanks cars on the schedule demanded by the government, and that in some cases the cost of the retrofit outweighs any gains in safety.