Links for 5-10-2015

  • Mark Steyn wrote a great column on the media reaction to the Garland, Texas shooting, particularly the treatment afforded Pamela Geller:

    The Charlie Hebdo killers had received effective training overseas – as thousands of ISIS recruits with western passports are getting right now. What if the Garland gunmen had been as good as the Paris gunmen? Surely that would be a more interesting question for the somnolent American media than whether some lippy Jewess was asking for it.


    In Copenhagen, in Paris, in Garland, what’s more important than the cartoons and the attacks is the reaction of all the polite, respectable people in society, which for a decade now has told those who do not accept the messy, fractious liberties of free peoples that we don’t really believe in them, either, and we’re happy to give them up – quietly, furtively, incrementally, remorselessly – in hopes of a quiet life.

    Later still:

    The hard jihad is fought via bombings and beheadings and burnings over barren bits of desert and jungle and cave country in the Middle East, Africa and the Hindu Kush. The soft jihad is a suppler enemy fighting for rather more valuable real estate in Europe, Australia and North America, so it uses western shibboleths of “diversity” and “multiculturalism” to enfeeble those societies.

  • Mark Halperin of Bloomberg Politics interviewed Ted Cruz and the result was straight-up racist. Halperin wanted Cruz to verify that he’s an authentic Cuban, and instructed Cruz to answer a question in Spanish.

  • Dr. Ben Carson told an audience in Iowa that he’s in favor of taking the $4 billion in subsidies the federal government allegedly pays to oil and gas companies and using it to facilitate more ethanol production.

  • Carly Fiorina opposes extending President Obama’s fast track authority for the Trans-Pacific Partnership because we don’t know what’s in the draft deal and Obama frequently misrepresents what such deals will actually accomplish.

  • Saudi Arabia and the Houthi rebels agreed to a five day ceasefire in Yemen so aid can be delivered to civilians.

  • Macedonian police entered an ethnic Albanian neighborhood in the city of Kumanovo and sparked a two day battle that killed 22 people. Eight of the dead were policemen, and 14 were members of what the government calls an “armed group” that was allegedly planning attacks against state and civilian targets ahead of a May 17 opposition rally.