Links for 4-19-2015

  • Kevin Williamson goes after Hillary’s minions, starting with Paul Begala:

    Begala is of course the exemplar of the minion type, the tireless monkey-butler of the Clinton crime syndicate, bowing and scraping as members of the imperial family come and go, garnishing their altars between coronations. Begala has minion in his DNA, though he did once seek power for himself, running for student-body president at my alma mater, the University of Texas. He was defeated by an imaginary write-in candidate, Hank the Hallucination, but rather than concede defeat, Begala had Hank the Hallucination ruled ineligible on the grounds that he was not registered as a student.

    Begala has been triumphing over imaginary foes ever since.

  • Spiegel obtained documents purported to be the blueprint for creating ISIS, authored by Samir Abd Muhammad al-Khlifawi, a former intelligence officer in Saddam Hussein’s army.

  • Italian police arrested a group of Muslim illegal immigrants for throwing 12 Christians overboard as they crossed from Libya by boat. The Christians all died.

  • A fishing boat carrying illegal immigrants from Libya to Europe capsized in Libyan waters, and 700 people (possibly more) drowned.

  • ISIS released a video showing the execution of 30 Ethiopian Christians in Libya. These videos have been faked before, so we’ll have to wait for an analysis before we know it’s true.

  • Kurdish Peshmerga fighters gave themselves breathing room around Kirkuk by driving ISIS from a 32 square mile area south of the city.

  • Norway would like to know how and why Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin visited Svalbard despite sanctions prohibiting such travel.