Links for 4-3-2015

  • A GoFundMe campaign for the Walkerton, Indiana restaurant targeted by the Left over Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act, Memories Pizza, raised $842,387 in two days. Leftist conspiracy theorists suspect the whole thing was a scam.

  • Rick Wilson wrote a tremendous column for The Federalist on the Leftist rage machine and Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act:

    It was a custom-made moral panic story perfectly tuned to stroke the egos and ideological erogenous zones of Washington and New York’s media classes. It was a perfect opportunity to play their Red State Haters narrative at full volume. Of course, we’re locked in the Stupid Spiral now, talking about this instead of the news of a Democratic U.S. senator being indicted for corruption, Hillary Clinton destroying evidence under subpoena, or of Barack Obama willing to sell his soul for a bad nuclear deal with a gleeful Iran.


    At some point, the social-justice warrior crowd is going to incite their people into something more than Ferguson or Occupy or Internet harassment. At some point, their fanatic desire to erase God from the hearts and minds and actions of red America will cross a threshold. Someday, in some town, a Christian shopkeeper who becomes the focus of the 4chan or Reddit Rage Machine will be killed by some militant atheist or black bloc kid or some other flavor of crazy. That day, their rage won’t come from the click of a mouse, but from the barrel of a gun.

    That day, their rage won’t come from the click of a mouse, but from the barrel of a gun.

    On that day, instead of reacting with horror and disgust, someone important enough in their social-justice-warrior universe, be it a political figure, a celebrity, or just a popular activist will say something like, “I abhor violence, but…”

    On the day that “but” becomes acceptable on the Left, it’s a ratchet that turns only one way. When political violence becomes mainstreamed, it infects a society quickly. It’s a short, quick slide into hell. The tolerance crowd will read that scenario and explode with denials. They’re never going to call for violence. Leftism is a peaceful religion. (Sound familiar?)

  • The “fixed” version of Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act is a mistake:

    The Indiana “fix” means that, rather than courts weighing the religious complaint in light of the facts of the case, the new amendment stacks the deck in favor of the person filing the discrimination lawsuit. This new change unjustly deprives citizens their day in court, denies the claim for freedom a fair hearing, by rigging the system in advance. What kind of religious liberty is that?

  • A federal district court judge ordered the IRS to produce a list of the 298 groups it targeted while processing their requests for tax exempt status. The judge’s order was the result of a lawsuit brought by conservative groups who are trying to win class action certification.

  • Governor Sam Brownback signed a bill allowing people in Kansas to carry concealed weapons without a permit.

  • The Chinese Communist Party boss for Tibet, Chen Quanguo, wants to turn Tibetan temples and monasteries into propaganda centers for the Communist Party. He wrote this in a party magazine: “Let the monks and nuns in the temples and monasteries have a personal feeling of the party and government’s care and warmth; let them feel the party’s benevolence, listen to the party’s words and follow the party’s path.”

  • Repeating a pattern we’ve seen before, areas of Tikrit “liberated” by Iraqi soldiers and Shiite militiamen are plagued by widespread looting and murder.

  • Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula gained control of Mukallah, Yemen following yesterday’s prison break.

  • Saudi Arabia is airdropping weapons to their allies in Aden, Yemen.

  • Ari Shavit draws an interesting comparison between the Iraq war and the Iran peace effort, and predicts catastrophic consequences from the latter:

    The failure of the United States and Israel in the face of Iran’s nuclear ambition, and the West’s failure in the face of Arab chaos, are converging into one clear and trenchant threat: a Saudi nuclear bomb. In the last few years, Saudi Arabia has become a formidable regional player:Iit put down the Shiite rebellion in Bahrain, it paved the way for General Abdel al-Sisi’s regime in Egypt, it funds anti-Iranian forces in Syria and Iraq and is now leading the fight against the rebels in Yemen. In the last year, the Saudis went even further and did their part to crash oil prices, thereby hurting Iran—and the United States. But if the large desert kingdom senses that the West has reconciled itself to a nuclear Iran—and that it prefers Iran to Saudi Arabia—then it will not hesitate to make the ultimate counter-move: nuclearization. Because of its unlimited resources and its close ties to Pakistan, it will have no difficulty acquiring and transporting a few nuclear bombs from the cellars of its great, poor friend, carried by the planes of its modern and costly air force.

    If this happens, the terrifying scenario will begin to emerge. A bomb will lead to another bomb, nuclearization will lead to more nuclearization, and the Middle East will become a nightmare.