Links for 2-5-2015

  • President Obama used the occasion of the National Prayer Breakfast to draw moral equivalence between the Crusades, the Inquisition, slavery in the U.S., and ISIS.

  • President Obama’s proposed budget includes $21.8 billion to cover a shortfall in the student loan program. It’s the largest shortfall in a government credit program in U.S. history. It’s larger than NASA’s budget. And it gets worse: “[B]ecause of a quirk in the budget process for credit programs, the [D]epartment [of Education] can add the $21.8 billion to the deficit automatically, without seeking appropriations or even approval from Congress.”

  • Republican Senators torpedoed Ted Cruz’s plan to delay the confirmation vote for President Obama’s nominee for Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, until Obama relents on his amnesty by memo. Orrin Hatch offered this encouragement to convention of the states supporters who’d like to repeal the 17th Amendment:

    “Republicans have been complaining about Eric Holder for a long time; this is an opportunity to make that change,” said Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah), who plans to vote for Lynch. “I don’t think we should delay it at all. I think we ought to get her over there and get her working.”

  • Mark Steyn offers his observations on the differences between President Obama and King Abdullah as illustrated by their reactions to ISIS’ execution of Jordanian pilot Muath al-Kasasbeh:

    I am not a great fan of the Hashemites, and there is great peril for Jordan in getting sucked deeper into a spiral that could quickly consume one of the weakest polities in the region and turn the least-worst Sunni monarchy into merely the latest Obama-era failed-state – after Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, etc. The UAE took advantage of Flt Lt al-Kasasbeh’s capture to cease participation in sorties entirely, and, given the general halfheartedness of Obama’s “coalition”, King Abdullah could have been forgiven for also deciding to head for the exit.

    Yet he understood the necessity of action. Obama, by contrast, declares action, and then does nothing. His war against ISIS was supposed to be one in which the US would not put “boots on the ground”, but instead leave that to our allies. The allies have the boots, but they could use some weapons, too. Obama has failed to supply the Kurds or anybody else with what they need to defeat our enemies. It’s becoming what they call a pattern of behavior.

  • The U.S. has been moving search and rescue assets to northern Iraq. The UAE may resume its attacks on ISIS when these assets are ready to act.

  • The Department of Justice launched a criminal investigation of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and members of his administration. A whistleblower claims Christie & Co. quashed grand jury indictments of his supporters.

  • The U.K. government released another report on the Muslim rape gangs in Rotherham. James Delingpole’s article quotes the report extensively and condemns multiculturalism.

  • During the Gulf Cartel battles in Matamoros and Reynosa, Mexican soldiers discovered a factory that was building armored trucks. The trucks had Texas license plates and were likely stolen.

  • A U.S. drone strike in Yemen killed a senior al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula official, Harith bin Ghazi al Nadhari.

  • Police in Shanghai seized 2.4 tons of methamphetamine in a drug bust.

  • Kim Jong-un executed another army general last month.

  • “Borrowed Scars,” starring Brian Williams. (via Ace of Spades HQ)