Links for 1-7-2015

  • The Telegraph is live blogging events related to the terrorist attack on the Paris office of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo; twelve people were murdered and five were critically wounded. Two of those killed were police officers, and four were well-known cartoonists. French authorities named three suspects, but there are varying accounts of whether they named the right ones or if they’ve been apprehended.

  • The mainstream media isn’t exactly covering itself in glory as it covers the Charlie Hebdo attack – many outlets are refusing to publish any of the Mohammed cartoons that prompted it. In some cases they’re doing something arguably worse by publishing censored versions of the cartoons. The editors at National Review did write an excellent editorial that includes this:

    Thus, there are in practical terms two Islams — a religion, if not of peace, then of peaceful accommodation, and a religion of death.

    Western political leaders try to dismiss this second death cult as a perverted or false Islam, or even as nothing to do with Islam at all. That dismissal is false and, worse, completely unpersuasive. The death cult has learned imams and sophisticated theologians among its adherents. They can quote Islamic texts in support of their revolting doctrines — and do so far more convincingly than President Obama, David Cameron, or Tony Blair do in support of their own. Their scholarship strengthens the faith of the suicide bombers and child soldiers. And because they justify murder and issue fatwas mandating it, they exercise some intimidation even over the leaders of the other Islam.

  • Claire Berlinski happened to be near the Charlie Hebdo offices not long after the attack, and wrote a firsthand account of what she saw for Ricochet.

  • Many cartoonists published drawings in memory of the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists. My favorite is by David Pope of The Canberra Times:
    David Pope cartoon

  • Joe Biden is a creepy bastard who enjoys grabbing young girls.

  • School textbooks in Venezuela are straight-up propaganda.

  • Turkey arrested another Dutch journalist, Mehmet Ulgur.

  • A U.N. report says Bashar al-Assad’s regime used chlorine barrel bombs as weapons last year.

  • A suicide bomber killed 37 people in Yemen’s capital, Sanaa.

  • The International Criminal Court accepted the Palestinian Authority’s application to join, which means the PA will pursue war crimes charges against the Israelis. Senator Rand Paul introduced a bill that would withhold U.S. aid to the Palestinians while they’re members of the ICC.