Links for 11-4-2014

  • The Obama administration is now conducting document dumps on election night — the Department of Justice released 64,280 pages of Operation Fast and Furious documents that President Obama had claimed were protected by executive privilege.

  • Ben Domenech wrote a tremendous article on Obama’s failed presidency:

    Now the president is full of resentment, fatalistic, irritated at being ignored or disrespected by his people and The People. But this doesn’t come from long years of attempts to bring the parties together to forge compromise – it comes from his realization that he’d rather golf than put up with the demands of the job. If Obama truly thought that politics only consists of getting elected, he was truly naïve about the demands of the presidency – just as he has been naïve about the nature of the Republican Party, conservatism and libertarianism, party and congressional politics, the public’s desire for wage growth and job security, even middle eastern dictators’ and terrorists’ assessment of their own interests.

    The stunning part is the nature of this naïveté. It is not that it is the high-minded academic view of a cloistered college professor – it’s the naïveté of a dim-witted screenwriter, an acceptance of an beau ideal of the American presidency that is most recognizable as an invention of Aaron Sorkin, not a reflection of history. The president who walks into the room, says “I am the Lord your God”, and wins the argument. Only in the world of Andrew Shepard or Jed Bartlet does the president demolish his adversaries and win major political battles merely by reading his lines. But no matter: after he leaves office, we’ll be treated to an unprecedented revisionism tour, framing him as facing a political environment tougher than anything since Abraham Lincoln; how Republican opposition was all about racism, but he held back saying so to protect the American people from that fractious debate; how Hillary and the Clinton team was always working against him and key staffers were in cahoots with her all along. Get ready, because we’ll be hearing this for years.

  • Newly obtained memos show that Senator Jeanne Shaheen was directly involved with IRS efforts to target conservative and Tea Party groups seeking tax exempt status.

  • Contrary to its previous assertions, the White House was directly involved in Shirley Sherrod’s ouster from the Department of Agriculture.

  • More than half of the U.S. private sector workforce is now employed by pass-through businesses like LLCs, partnerships, and S corporations. Cutting individual tax rates would do these businesses a lot of good in a slow economy.

  • The man who attacked New York City police officers with an axe, Zale Thompson, was “consumed by jihadi philosophy and a desire to attack U.S. government and authority figures, egged on by the brazen attack on Canada’s parliament a day before.”

  • ISIS murdered another 36 members of the Albu Nimr tribe in Iraq.

  • Kurdish collaborators are helping ISIS in Kobani.