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  • Charles C. W. Cooke offers suggestions for Progressive talk around the Thanksgiving dinner table:

    Somebody around the table suggests that “we should say grace.”

    Insist that you are permitted to say a few words first, for balance. Use the opportunity to read the entirety of Richard Dawkins’s The God Delusion — in Spanish. Administer a test to ensure that those present have listened and have absorbed its message. If you can record this and post it to Reddit, that is even better. If not, do not worry. There will be another chance next year.

  • Kevin Williamson has a low opinion of Russell Brand:

    Mr. Brand is fond of having himself depicted as Guevara, a figure for whom he shares the daft enthusiasm of many members of his generation. He frets that Guevara was “a bit of a homophobe,” but insists that “we need only glance at Che to know that that is what a leader should look like,” i.e., a bit like Russell Brand. Guevara was a mass murderer who shot people for amusement. The cause in which he fought was the cause of gulags and murder. There are today, at this moment, thousands of political prisoners being tortured in prisons that Guevara helped to establish, and millions foundering in the totalitarian police state he helped to found off the coast of Florida. But … sure, great hair.

  • If you're looking for the text of President Obama's executive order on immigration, you won't find it — he signed a pair of memos instead. This didn't stop him from telling hecklers that he “took an action to change the law.”

  • The Benghazi report from the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence says the CIA was in Benghazi to monitor weapons shipments from Libya to Syria, but doesn't say anything about the CIA facilitating such shipments itself.

  • Magpul Industries bought a new headquarters building in Austin, following through on a threat to move out of Colorado after the state enacted new gun control laws.

  • Austin collects property taxes on behalf of the Austin Downtown Public Improvement District and gives the money to the Downtown Austin Alliance, which spends it on political campaigns and causes supported by the city. This convenient arrangement appears to violate state law.

  • There are 247 tent cities in San Jose, California, a side-effect of Silicon Valley's extremely high housing prices. The largest tent city happens to be the largest in the country at 68 acres; it has its own Little Saigon district.

  • An account of airstrikes by Bashar al Assad's forces against Raqqa (ISIS' capital city) claims 95 people were killed.

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