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  • Matthew Boyle runs down the shenanigans in the Mississippi runoff election, including an account of how one important county did not switch the Republican and Democrat poll books (so election workers would know who voted in the Democrat primary, making them ineligible to vote in the Republican runoff) — a county were the election commission is Thad Cochran’s sister-in-law. There was the usual absentee ballot shenanigans, too. Chris McDaniel’s supporters are being denied access to election records in at least nine counties, which doesn’t help dispel the notion that an election is being stolen. Several Republican senators who helped Cochran are reportedly “uneasy” with how Cochran won, which won’t appease Mississippi conservatives — they’re wondering whether it’s better to not cast a ballot in the U.S. Senate race or to vote for the Democrat candidate, Travis Childers.

  • A Mississippi lawyer and Tea Party leader who was indicted in the scandal involving photographing Thad Cochran’s invalid wife in her nursing home, Mark Mayfield, committed suicide.

  • Daniel Payne explains what has replaced conventional religion for Millenials.

  • Meriam Yahia Ibrahim and her family are now in the U.S. embassy in Khartoum. That’s good, but the U.S. still needs to get them out of Sudan.

  • A unit of the al Nusra Front defected to ISIS. These two groups have been killing each other in Syria, so this is an interesting development.

  • Matthew Continetti explains how liberal internationalist foreign policy breeds conflict: “It is one of the oldest tenets of modernity: The state must establish a monopoly on violence before civil society can develop and politics can thrive… Something liberals too easily forget… Which leads them to suppose that international politics operates in the same way as domestic politics, through consultation, debate, negotiation, pleading, trading, log-rolling, and compromise. If only it were so. The affluent societies of the West may be at peace, but the rest of the world remains a Hobbesian environment where there is no monopoly on violence, no global Leviathan. And where there is no overwhelming and dominant power, where there is no deterring balance among equals, there is war.”

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