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  • The average net worth of American black households is $4,955, less than 5% of the average net worth of white American households ($110,729). Kevin Williamson writes: “The median black American household is poorer than the average household in India, which has a net worth of about $5,500, according to the Economic Times… Everywhere it has been tried, the Democrats’ dependency agenda has been a social and economic catastrophe for black Americans — and a full-employment program for Democratic apparatchiks. This is not a conspiracy — it’s right out there in the open, every time a Democratic politician knows that he can count on 90 percent of the black vote without lifting a finger, winning the opportunity to add four more years to the 50 years of broken promises Democrats have made to black Americans, who lag their fellow countrymen on practically every social indicator… Black Americans did not leave the party of Lincoln for the party of Joe Biden; they left the party of Herbert Hoover for the party of Franklin Roosevelt. Or at least they thought they did. What they got instead was the party of sky-high crime, dangerous and dysfunctional schools, a joblessness rate for black men that is more than twice the rate for white men at 14 percent and rising. Twice the unemployment, twice the high-school dropouts, four times the abortions, four times the HIV, seven times the prison sentences, twelve times the babies born with congenital syphilis, fourteen times the murder victims, and nineteen times the gonorrhea. All that and $4,955.”

  • The NSA began monitoring Angela Merkel’s phone in 2002, and didn’t stop until this year.

  • The United Arab Emirates granted Egypt another $3.9 billion in aid.

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