Links for 7-13-2013

  • The Texas Senate passed HB2 around midnight by a vote of 19–11. There were a number of disturbances and arrests, and at one point Texas DPS officers encouraged pro-lifers to leave the capitol or hide in legislators’ offices out of concern for their safety. DPS really stepped up their game after the debacle that ended the first special legislative session.

  • An IT director for the Florida State Attorney’s Office, Ben Kruidbos, was fired for blowing the whistle on state prosecutors who withheld evidence from George Zimmerman’s defense team.

  • Brian Schweitzer won’t run for the U.S. Senate seat currently held by the retiring Max Baucus. A Fox Business report describing how Schweitzer’s PAC funneled money to a suspicious 501(c)(4) group may have been a factor in his decision. Democrats regarded a Schweitzer candidacy as their best chance to hold the seat.

  • Andrew McCarthy on “Obama’s Rule by Decree”: “In a vibrant, pluralistic society, law, as an expression of the sovereign will, is unavoidably a product of compromise. In the contentious process, the competing sides bend; they settle on something that neither, given their druthers, would support; and they honorably agree to abide by the result. Under Obama, however, massive laws are enacted – such that no one can conceivably know what the law is. Then the president enforces the parts he approves of, contemptuously disregards the parts that enticed naysayers into compromising, and presumes to amend or repeal inconvenient provisions at his whim. That is not the rule of law. It is how a dictatorship works.”