Links for 7-11-2013

  • Randy Barnett argues in a Wall Street Journal op-ed that the NSA’s surveillance programs are unconstitutional: “…the way these programs have been approved violates the Fifth Amendment, which stipulates that no one may be deprived of property ‘without due process of law.’ Secret judicial proceedings adjudicating the rights of private parties, without any ability to participate or even read the legal opinions of the judges, is the antithesis of the due process of law… The secrecy of these programs makes it impossible to hold elected officials and appointed bureaucrats accountable. Relying solely on internal governmental checks violates the fundamental constitutional principle that the sovereign people must be the ultimate external judge of their servants’ conduct in office. Yet such judgment and control is impossible without the information that such secret programs conceal.”

  • An article by Deirdre Cooper of Texas Alliance for Life describes the differences in comportment between the pro-life and pro-abortion groups at the Texas capitol and how the clash between them is emblematic of a larger culture war.

  • John McCormack of The Weekly Standard asked Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards about the difference between late term abortions and Kermit Gosnell and didn’t get an answer other than “Gosnell is a criminal.” She also refused to state whether she supports any limits on abortion at all.

  • Andrew McCarthy details mistakes made by the judge in the George Zimmerman case, Debra Nelson, that could result in the reversal of a guilty verdict on appeal.

  • A food bank in Tennessee is running four buses as “bread trucks” that deliver lunch to children in poor rural areas during the summer months.

  • The Guardian published more information from Edward Snowden detailing how Microsoft has cooperated with the NSA, including providing the NSA a means to work around the encryption used in chats.